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Defending properties against pests for more than 30 years!
We are a Canberra-based company and proudly Australian-owned.



Property types

Pest Control Services Canberra 1


Defending properties against pests for more than 30 years!
We are a Canberra-based company and proudly Australian-owned.



Property types

What we do?

We’re committed to help solve pest problems for residential, commercial and strata groups.

Pest Control

Pests can cause major health problems. Our technicians use quality treatments to get rid of and control ants, cockroaches, spiders, birds, possums, rodents, wasps and bees.

Termite Inspection

CSIRO recommends a termite inspection once a year at a minimum. Our team uses the latest technology to detect termites early so they do less damage.

Termite Maintenance

We have many options to treat active termites and protect your property against termite attack.

End of Lease

We know how stressful it is to move house. We have helped hundreds of tenants by working around your schedule, providing a receipt on the day to get your bond back ASAP.

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Common Pest Problems

Different kinds of pests could be hiding inside your property!

Pest Control


Ants coming inside and out of your power outlets can indicate termite problem. They can also damage structures, property and appliances. Get an ant pest control right away!

Pest Control


Termites can produce up to 30,000 live termites for a day. They do damage to your property and it's not covered by insurance. Book your termite inspection today!

Pest Control


Cockroaches have a big breeding cycle. Females don't even need a male to reproduce, allowing them to grow fast. They can spread bacteria and cause diseases like food poisoning and typhoid.

Pest Control

Wasps & Bees

Wasps and bees sting to defend themselves, and once you're attacked you may suffer from intense pain and a fatal allergic reaction. Call a pest team to control these insects asap!

Pest Control


A severe flea infestation can cause allergies, anemia or even kill your pet. They can also cause prolonged itching on humans that leads to infections and worsened respiratory illnesses.

Pest Control


Rodents are quick breeders. They can cause lots of harmful diseases, contaminate your food and gnaw on electric cables. Ask us about our pest baiting system!

Pest Control


Birds cause bird litter and bird mites which are dangerous to humans. They carry and may transmit diseases that can be fatal. Ask us about our bird control services.

Pest Control


Spiders are dangerous to children and pets. Redbacks and white-tailed spiders bite, and it could be lethal if you have a reaction to it. Call a pest team and get rid of them fast!

Pest Control


Possums come inside for shelter. They pee and poo on your ceiling, producing a strong smell over time. During mating season, possums keep you awake at night! Call possum professionals now.

Pest Control Services Canberra

Why A1 Pest Control Services Canberra?

Have you got a pest as a problem and not sure who to ring? We are here to give you solutions to your pest problems no matter where you live – in Canberra or in surrounding areas, our team will be there for you.

We pride ourselves in providing solutions to home owners and business owners alike by applying low non-toxic chemicals to our treatments and we respect mother nature by being environmentally-friendly when using any of our chemicals and closely follow all OH&S safety principles.

What are you waiting for? Call today and Tak to the Pest Control Services Canberra Experts

Customer Reviews

Take the words of our clients...

They are excellent problem solvers, their experience and know how is very evident and their friendly and courteous manner is much appreciated. The bee problem is no more and the rodent problem is under control. I can recommend A1 without reservation to my fellow Canberrans’.
Jim George
Just wanted to thank you for the great job at my place. I’ve seen 1 dead cockroach outside and no sign of the ants. My cat was not bothered at all as there didn’t seem to be any smell, besides she didn’t mind being locked in the car, just so long as I didn’t start the engine! Thank you again for being so prompt and no sign of vermin life at all. The little sticker is on the inside of the kitchen cupboard to remind me when the next visit is due. Makes a good change from fridge magnets too. Thanks again.
Ann Flynn
Just wanted to pass on a thank you for teams professional assistance on Saturday morning at 9/27 Elm way, Jerrabomberra. Your workers arrived earlier than the scheduled time which is a rarity these days. They were professional, informative, and provided assurance that a quality level of service was being provided. Keep up the good work!
Rob Ristevski

Why Choose Us

Entrust your pest problems with a team your can rely on for a safe and appropriate pest control solution! 

Have a peace of mind

Nothing beats living peacefully in your own home or working comfortably in your office, without worrying about pests. Treat any form of pest infestation with a team of trusted and reliable individuals.

You've made the right choice

Clients who choose our services always commend our pest control team for delivering quality work and pointing out practical solutions to their problems.

Over 30 years trusted

For more than 3 decades of being at service to Australian homes and businesses, we've dealt with thousands of satisfied clients who happily repeat business with us.


Loving mother Earth continues with our commitment to using only low non-toxic chemicals and treatments to eradicate pests that destroy your property.

Safe for you and your family

We guarantee that chemicals used in your home won't pose health risks for you, your family and even your pets.


Controlling them should not add more to the financial damage, so we offer budget-friendly solutions without lowering the quality of service.

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