Biflex Aqua Max

Biflex Aquamax is a water-based termiticide (i.e. it kills termites) & Insecticide
Active ingredient: 100 g/L bifenthrin

For professional pest control use in external and internal situations around buildings, and other domestic and commercial environments.

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Spider Control

spider pest control

Looking for professional spider control? Australia is home to numerous species of spiders, and there’s no shortage of them in most Aussie back yards.
Many are relatively harmless, some will give you a nasty bite, and others like the Red Back, the Funnel Web and the White Tailed Spider are capable of making the recipient of the bite quite ill.

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Flea Control


Have you got fleas at your place? If you’ve already attempted to rid your home of fleas and haven’t been successful you may need to arrange a professional flea control treatment.

Don’t be too surprised fleas are one of the hardest insects for the householder to eradicate themselves due to their complex breeding cycle.

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Cockroach Management


Are you searching for cockroach management? In the country, these insects perform a useful role in the eco-system but in the populated suburbs, some species are just pests.

Nobody likes to see cockroaches and you may have noticed that a percentage of people become extremely alarmed when they see them on opening cupboard doors etc. Cockroaches can carry …

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