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Need Pest Control Service?

A1 Pest Control Canberra Has Raving Fans

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Today I saw online that A1 Pest Control Canberra has raving fans not the odd star or the odd 5 stars but we have got many reviews while our competitors are the ones with the odd star or two.

What it means is that the people that are our customers take the time to write a review on the services that we provided and the education that we have given them on how to get the most out of their treatments.

We do this as our customers are like gold to us and we give them the information and attention they deserve to help them.  Especially if its possums on roofs where we capture and release possums but many times we will replace broken tiles, or we can see where they are gaining entry and seal the area up once they are removed.

Going the extra mile we know is appreciated by the elderly especially as they worry about the possums coming back.

Many other pest control companies are watching the clock and some even cut corners or use inferior products to save themselves money but this backfires as the customer will call them back again as the pests have returned.

Getting back to the star ratings, today we look for star ratings for holiday, when buying books, going to the movies, recipes basically anything you can think of has a star rating beside it.  In fact its been proven that people look for the star ratings before going to the website.

For our pest control company we don’t take reviews lightly, to us it means our customers have taken time out of their day as a way of thanking us for doing what we do normally day in dayout. Next time you are looking for pest treatments for your home or commercial property take the time to look for the stars that give you the customer service you deserve.

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