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black ants

Do You See Ant Nests & Black Ants in Canberra?

Black Ants in Canberra

black ants in canberra
black ants in canberra

Black ants in Canberra are one of the most common pest control problems; these tiny species of ant are called the black house ant (Ridomyrmex glaber) and white-footed house ant (Technomyrmex albipes); these ants drive people crazy as one minute there are just a few and like magic next time you look there are many.

The reason why black ants in Canberra & their ant nests are difficult to control is that they nest under paths, in wall cavities, in potted plants or garden beds; they can even be under the house, roof or come in from a neighbour’s house!

How do I know if I have an ant infestation?

There are several signs that you have an ant pest control problem, simply the number of ants when you open the pantry or see them across your bench, and no matter how many times you wipe the ants away, more come to replace the ones; you got rid of!

If you’re worried you have an ant infestation, here are four signs that could confirm your suspicion:

  1. Ants covered exposed food
  2. Your pet’s food bowl has been infiltrated
  3. You notice scout ants walking around
  4. You follow the line of ants from where they are foraging and discover the ant nest.

What to do about killing little black ants in Canberra?

There are a few homemade remedies that tend to have limited success but are worth trying to get rid of them but permanently eradicate them. The only way to do this is to call in a reputable pest control company like A1 Pest Control Canberra who will use treatments that they are licensed to use.

In the meantime, let’s go back to ingredients you can use to either spray or bait the black ants in Canberra.

  • Fill a spray bottle with 50/50 water and vinegar spray the trail line
    this works well with ammonia mixed the same way.
  • Mix equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar together. Pour the mixture into a shallow container or bowl, then place it near the line of ants. The powdered sugar will attract the ants to the mixture. The ants will take it back to their nest and eat it.
  • Borax (can be found in the laundry section in bigger grocery chains like Coles or Woolworths) bait can be made a few ways; one way is to mix 1 part borax with 2 parts peanut butter. This mixture is good as it can be smeared on a wall where the ants are and taken back to the nest.
  • Equal parts of borax and sugar pour over hot water, stir until dissolved, soak cotton balls in the mixture, and put the balls in the forage line near the nest. The sugar attracts the ants who eat the sugar and take it back to the nest – hopefully, that is the end of the pest problem.

Helpful tips to keep black ants & ant nests out of your home.

black ants

  • Some of these tips will be obvious and some not. One of the first things you do is get inside the pantry and give sauce, jams and syrup bottles a good wipe down.
  • Keep biscuits and cakes in a container that you can seal.
  • Don’t leave pet food out overnight.
  • Wipe down benchtops, sweep up crumbs
  • Regular vacuuming.
  • Check dripping or leaking taps.

Part of your home maintenance should always get pest control done at least once a year; more visits are needed for commercial properties where there is food preparation, such as restaurants.

A1 Pest Control Canberra uses quality pest control treatments that are effective, environmentally friendly and, most important, pet and people-friendly.

If you’re having black ants problem, Call our team today at 0407 065 413.

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