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Carpenter Ant Removal

Carpenter ant removal from your home is best left to the experts that are properly trained in this field.  There are however, some suggestions you can do on your own.  I would like to review a few with you and leave the final decision up to you, if the time and energy is worth it to do by yourself or to have a professional exterminator come in and do the job more efficiently .

The first thing you would need to do is inspect your home, from roof to basement and everywhere in between, in search of the nest (also known as “galleries”) of the carpenter ants.  Unless you locate the nest, any pest control treatment used is rendered a waste of time.  Carpenter ants are usually nocturnal pests, and it is recommended to search for these nests at dawn (just before the sun rises) or in the evening (earliest should be one hour after sunset).  I can only think of a million things that I would rather be doing during those hours than looking for carpenter ants.  Will someone please explain to me, how I am supposed to find these galleries in the dark?!

Here is another one of my favorite tips that I came across: since carpenter ants are attracted to food, “they” (the people with the bright ideas) tell me to wipe crumbs off the counter top and sweep the kitchen floor after every meal.  Heck! My momma was telling me that for years! That is not a “carpenter ant removal tip”; it is common sense and good hygiene.

Maybe you were unable to find the home base or “galleries” of these ants, but you have seen the ants.  I tried to sprinkle some baby powder in the area that these ants were seen, all I got was white paw prints all over my house, as the cat found the powder before the ants did.  Some other suggestions to sprinkle around your home to repel these ants are salt; grounds of coffee (used I hope I’m not wasting good coffee on ants!); instant grits (am I supplying these pests with a complete breakfast?).

Carpenter Ant Removal tips

You can drown carpenter ants by pouring boiling hot water down an ant hole and I’m not talking about just a little bit – 11 litres!! This sounds dangerous and impossible to do in my mind.  The other option to pour into “galleries” is water (not boiling) blended with peels from a type of citrus fruit.  I am not sure of the effectiveness of this method of carpenter ant removal, but at least your home will smell citrusy fresh.

Did you know that carpenter ants will not cross a line of petroleum jelly?  Ok, wait just a moment while I line the border of my home with greasy goo!  On second thought, this is ridiculous – I’m heading directly to the phone to call a professional that specializes in the irradiation of carpenter ants and putting away all of the alleged do-it-yourself solutions.

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