Bed Bugs Mattress Encasement

Bed Bugs Mattress Encasement

Bed Bug Mattress EncasementWhat are they and where can I get them?

Bed Bug Mattress Encasement’s will protect you from an initial infestation in your mattress base (box spring).

At least 70% of bed bugs present in an infestation colonise the mattress and infrastructure of the box springs. If there is an infestation, our encasements will eliminate the opportunity for bed bugs to find a home.

Bed Bugs Mattress Encasement Tips

Call Bob on 0407 065 413 or for more information and help with your bed bug problem.

Total mattress encasement has a patent pending “Zipper with the hook”. This is certified to protect against bedbugs.

Mattress Safe® has recently achieved an accreditation as a Pest Control Management Product in the United States.

A “Bite Test” and also a “Penetration and Escape Test” were performed successfully on Mattress Safe®’s “Ultimate” model zippered encasement.

White Ant InspectionThis was tested by a certified entomologist to find out if bed bugs can actually feed on humans through the fabric.

Also this test determined whether or not the same mattress encasement may be used as any part of a bed-bug exclusion or inclusion process.

The findings of these scientific tests were that the bed bugs have no chance of biting through nor even penetrate through the fabric.

This proves that Mattress Safe®’s has an ability for the prevention of infestations of all species of bed bug in these mattresses and box springs.

  • Durable stretch-knit fabric
  • Fire retardant
  • Bed Bug Warranty
  • Impermeable to Dust mites, Bed-bugs, mould and bacteria
  • Stretches to fit mattress base (boxspring) depths up to 22.9cm
  • Single 99cm x 203cm
  • Double 137cm x 203cm
  • Queen 152cm x 203cm
  • King 198cm x 203cm
Prices Ex GST:
  • Single 99cm x 203cm $80 + Postage and Handling
  • Double 137cm x 203cm $100 + Postage and Handling
  • Queen 152cm x 203cm $110 + Postage and Handling
  • King 198cm x 203cm $120 + Postage and Handling
  • Pillow case $30 (each) + Postage and Handling
  • Castor bed bug leg protector $10 (each) + Postage and Handling
  • Screw in bed bug leg protector $10 (each) + Postage and Handling

Total bed base encasements with patent pending zip locking system. They are one hundred per cent successful in the prevention of dust mites, bacteria, bed-bugs, and allergens from taking hold and breeding within your bedbase.

The above are the major causes of asthma and eczema.

  • Machine washable on hot, tumble dry medium
  • Perfect solution for incontinence sufferers
  • May be used on all bed bases including inner spring and latex
  • Protects bed base from stains, including accidental spills, perspiration and body fluids

More risks can arise with the use of insecticides to treat bed bug problems in the home, particularly when individuals attempt to eradicate bed bugs without the help or advice of a professional pest manager.

People with no pesticide application experience are using surface spray, fly spray, and sometimes illegal products to attempt to control bed bugs in their homes.

It would be easier buying a bed bug mattress encasement, castor or a screw in barriers which have a sticky impassable barrier.

Is YOUR home or business protected from Bed Bugs? Remember A1 for your home’s complete bed bug control and pest management systems.

Simply call Bob on Mobile 0407 065 413 or for a free quote.

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