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Bird pest control becomes necessary when one or two things happens that humans are responsible for and create the problem either knowingly by feeding birds from a balcony or in the garden that would attract other birds and literally trains them to return every day for a meal.

Or on a balcony this creates a problem due to the mess they make during eating and the droppings they leave on the balcony and the noise they make disturbing your neighbours.

We have even have birds that nest in the garage and the owner is left with droppings all over his car that actually will damage to the paintwork if the droppings are not removed.

The bigger birds like cockatoo’s can start stripping trees or they eat and wreck the outdoor furniture and then there is other bird problems that are caused when they roost under eaves, in gutters or under solar panels.

These jobs are small but there are commercial properties that have a much bigger pest bird problem or body corporate units that have more difficult to get rid of those birds!

You will find a bird deterrent like scarecrows only will work for a short time until the birds become use  to the deterrent and then return again. Even a bird repellent has no long-term effect on your bird pest control problem.

Granted there are many off the shelf products like the spikes which look unsightly and take away from the street appeal of your property. The only way around this is to get our team to do a site inspection and discuss with you the plan of action on getting rid of the birds and deter them from returning to the nest.

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