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birds proofing and solar panel maintenance

Why You Need Bird Proofing and Solar Panel Maintenance

Why you need bird proofing and solar panel maintenance will become evident when you discover that after having  panels installed when you hear squawking birds that come and nest under your solar panels and then tell their friends! The one thing other than the noise will be the bird littering and the property being defaced by the droppings.

It’s a serious problem when birds see your house, building or construction site as a perfect place to nest. The presence of birds can actually lead to bigger problems as they can cause damage and carry diseases that can be harmful to humans.

We see a common issue in Australia about birds being attracted to solar panels. We understand how expensive and sensitive these panels are that it’s important to keep pests away from the panels including pest birds. Also did you know that when birds are nesting, your solar panels can lose up to 15% of its efficiency?

This happens when the panels are not cleaned every 6 months they collect dirt from the environment and also collect birds droppings as they fly over.

Why You Need Bird Proofing and Solar Panel Maintenance

Birds are incredibly clever they know that the solar panels provide both shelter and protection from the elements and other predators and provide an easy in-and-out vantage point the birds become also territorial which means that not only did they make your solar panels their home the babies grow up and they also will also return to nest in the same area.

Can birds damage solar panels?

Unfortunately, yes.

Birds can cause hundreds to thousands worth of damage to solar panels every year. After some time, bird nests, droppings and debris can cause massive harm to solar panels.

While birds construct nests beneath solar panels, they attract different pests like rodents. These pests can gnaw the electric wiring of the panel, which may additionally lead to shorts and rooftop fires. Other pests such as bees, wasps and other insects are known to construct their hives under solar panels.

In the worst case scenario is that if solar panels get damaged, there are some instances when you’ll have to replace the entire panel which will cost you even more money.

This is why our pest control company offers bird proofing services and solar panel maintenance to ensure that the utmost care to ensure that the panels are kept in prime condition.

How do you bird proof solar panels?

There are several products you can use in order stop birds from either nesting under the solar panel or gaining access to your roof void.

1. Solar Panel Bird Mesh Installation

One of the most effective bird proofing solutions is a bird mesh. Designed to seal the area under your solar panel, it gives no room for birds to build nests under the panels. Bird netting can do a similar task but the only way to know which product is more suitable is to have us quote and give recommendations which is more suitable.

2. Maintain Your Solar Panels

Solar panel maintenance is essential to keep your solar panels in perfect working order it’s recommended to have the panels cleaned every 6 months to remove dirt and debris for peak performance and efficiency.

The maintenance service from our professionals will guarantee long-term functionality.

3. Roof Spikes and Wire

Roof spikes and or wire are another option for birds setting up home on or in a roof

A1 Pest Control Canberra not only have solar panel bird proofing, we can also do bird spikes and netting for guttering and other hard to get to places..

So far, what we highly recommend are #1 and #2 as they have been proven as the most effective ways to protect your solar panels and roofs from damage.

How to Clean Solar Panels?

Although there are some property owners who can see themselves saving money by washing the solar panels themselves, the reason we do not recommend doing this is that a professional pest controller uses not only safety harness on the slippery wet roof they also work in pairs for an added safety precaution.

Some of the common questions we encounter from homeowners who want to DIY clean their solar panels are:

  • Can you use soap to clean solar panels?
  • Can you use vinegar to clean solar panels?
  • Can you use Windex on solar panels?
  • Can you use a pressure washer when cleaning panels?
  • Can I clean my own solar panel?

While other information online suggest you can do all the above, we highly suggest that you work on this with trained specialists instead.

Further damage is done to the sensitive panels when a homeowner decides to:

  • get a bristle brush with soapy water
  • use Windex on the panel
  • use a high pressure hose

All of these methods damage the solar panels. The soap and the Windex leave a film and build up on the panels when left on the solar panels to bake in the sun which defeats the purpose of cleaning them.

A1 Pest Control Canberra protects staff by ensuring that they use compliant safety harnesses while working on the roof and will work in pairs watching out for one another.

We use only quality treatments and tools when cleaning the solar panels:

  • While on the roof, we will also bird proof the filter as that is the next area they try to nest when they are evicted from under the panels.
  • All maintenance will include removing droppings and litter from other parts of the roof and we will disinfect after completion.

We also have a whole range of other bird proofing tools to treat areas of entry on other nesting areas on a roof such as bird spikes.

Why do you need bird proofing for solar panels?

Over time, solar panels’ efficiency reduces as bird nests, droppings and litter build up. But for sure, you’d want to maximize the power of this solar energy source.

Please give our company a call on 0407 065 413. For any bird proofing, general pest control or termite management.

Bird Proofing

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