Cockroaches both German and bush cockroaches are active this time of the year and if you see them during the day you have a big pest problem

Australia’s hot summer heat attracts Cockroaches and Hordes of Huntsman Spiders!

I saw this recent article and it did make me sit up and take notice as we have also seen in Canberra a rise in the number of pests that continue to re-surface again.

  • A hot, dry summer is set to bring out increasing numbers of insects and spiders
  • Expert says insects are more active and breed faster in warmer temperatures
  • Parts of Australia are already experiencing high volumes of redback spiders
  • The nation is set to experience hot days and nights over the coming months

Australia is bracing for a scorching hot summer but it will not be just the warm weather residents will have to contend with.

Bugs and spiders will be out in increasing numbers as they take advantage of the sweltering conditions. ‘Insects don’t control their own body temperature, that’s done by the ambient temperatures,’ Mr Peters said.

‘The warmer it is, the more active insects are and the faster they breed. Heat and humidity will certainly affect their populations.

You also need to add ants to the list of annoying pests that will not seem to go away and usually there is a reason behind this is the fact that there could be an ants nest that has yet to be discovered that needs to be destroyed to stop the ants.

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Tips on identifying and controlling German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are prevalent in the Unites States and are present worldwide. They contaminate spaces by spreading germs and bacteria.  The adult cockroaches are recognized by their tan color. They can also be light brown with two black horizontal stripes located behind their heads. They can grow up to 13-16mm in length. The young ones are almost black in color and have black stripes. In adult German cockroaches, wings are present, but they are rarely used to fly.

Habits, Diet, and Behavior

German cockroaches are commonly known to stay indoors in tropical environments. They prefer to remain in warmer, more humid areas. These cockroaches are usually found in bathrooms and kitchens, but can also move to different parts of the house where moisture and food are available.

German cockroaches can be introduced to residences when boxes and bags are brought into the house. Infestation can also occur through used appliances. In apartments, these insects use pipes and plumbing as a highway to move quickly from place to place.

They are scavengers and are capable of feeding on most food items. This includes soap, bindings of books and toothpaste. They have the ability to capitalize on even small amounts of food, like feeding on the dirty dishes left in the sink or crumbs missed out during cleaning.


German cockroaches are known to reproduce quickly. Female cockroaches will produce an average of 4 to 6 egg cases during their lifetimes. Each egg case contains  20 to 40 eggs. This case is carried by the female until 1 to 2 days before hatching. Depending on the conditions, it takes around 100 days to grow into an adult. After the German cockroaches become adults, they can survive for 100 to 200 days.  

Prevention Methods To Control German Cockroaches


When you begin your German cockroaches control program, remember sanitation is one the first things to consider.

  • Clean any food particles or crumbs in your kitchen
  • Keep trash dumpsters clean
  • Vacuum and sweep any food particles
  • Keep dishes clean
  • Ensure that kitchen appliances are clean and free of grease or food
  • Frequently run the garbage disposal and make sure no food is left in sink strainers
  • Remove indoor trash and keep dustbins empty.
  • If you have pets, make sure all pet food crumbs are picked up

Chemical control

Baiting is an effective way to eliminate or control an infestation of German cockroaches . To protect your house from pests use Chemical pesticides containing hydra methylone, fipronil, or boric acid which provide a high-level of control. Apply these to areas where cockroaches have harbored. Use these on crevices of bureaus and cracks, ceiling light fixtures, hollow legs of chairs, shelves, and walls. If you have kids or pets at home, make sure they do not come in contact with these products. Remember to read the instructions on the labels before you use any of these.

The use of repellent sprays or aerosol foggers can also limit the infestation of German cockroaches.


Remember to always keep your environment clean and tidy, to avoid a cockroach infestation.  Take preventive measures as soon as possible to keep these pests at bay. Before using any chemical pesticides read and follow the instructions. Keep these away from children and pets. In case you cannot control them using these methods, it is best to call a professional pest controller.

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