Pest Control Canberra did not have a business that had customer service before A1 Pest Control Canberra came along

How do I hire a pest control company?

When you are looking to hire a pest control company there are a few things that need to be considered:


  • Are they fully licensed to do the job?
  • Is their insurance up to date?
  • Does the company fully explain what they will be doing when they are going to do the treatment?
  • Are they happy to answer your questions and give you helpful tips on how to get the most out of your pest control experience?
  • Do they give a guarantee?
  • At the end of the treatment would you recommend them to any of your family and friends.
  • If you have gone through this simple checklist with a few of the chosen companies that are either in or near where you live then you are in business.



Get at least 2-3 quotes and if a quote is a lot different ask why. Getting the cheapest quote does not mean that you are getting a better deal especially if they cut corners by using inferior chemicals which do not last as long and you would need to get the pest controller back out again costing you more at the end of the day.

So that great deal of getting the treatment at a reduced price is now more expensive!

Keep in mind what you thought of them at the start and have another think when they showed up at your door and ask yourself were they well presented? Did they give you the courtesy of putting on boot covers to protect your floor?

It’s all these little things that make the termite or general pest control company one that ticks all your boxes that will have you come back and be a long-term customer.

Most the red flags are that they want to pay cash up front before the job is done or they can’t produce a current license.


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Best Bird Pest Control Canberra, Bird Deterrent Bird Repellent

Bird pest control becomes necessary when one or two things happens that humans are responsible for and create the problem either knowingly by feeding birds from a balcony or in the garden that would attract other birds and literally trains them to return every day for a meal.

Or on a balcony this creates a problem due to the mess they make during eating and the droppings they leave on the balcony and the noise they make disturbing your neighbours.

We have even have birds that nest in the garage and the owner is left with droppings all over his car that actually will damage to the paintwork if the droppings are not removed.

The bigger birds like cockatoo’s can start stripping trees or they eat and wreck the outdoor furniture and then there is other bird problems that are caused when they roost under eaves, in gutters or under solar panels.

These jobs are small but there are commercial properties that have a much bigger pest bird problem or body corporate units that have more difficult to get rid of those birds!

You will find a bird deterrent like scarecrows only will work for a short time until the birds become use  to the deterrent and then return again. Even a bird repellent has no long-term effect on your bird pest control problem.

Granted there are many off the shelf products like the spikes which look unsightly and take away from the street appeal of your property. The only way around this is to get our team to do a site inspection and discuss with you the plan of action on getting rid of the birds and deter them from returning to the nest.

Reach out to our team by calling 0407 065 413

A1 Pest Control Canberra
13 Cosgrove Street, Curtin ACT 2605
0407 065 413


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Useful tips about European Wasps on how to not get stung more importantly.

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Imagine this. you have or are buying a property and you see it has had a visual termite inspection but what jumps out at you on the report is one or more of the following.

• Not able to gain access to the subfloor
• Wet weather could not access the roof etc.

Termites gain access when dirt meets wood if they can not gain access through the dirt they build mud tracks that can reach up to 7 feet tall to gain entry to your home.

Do you take a gamble and hope like hell there are no termites in the areas that were not able to gain entry?

Let me tell you something, you may gamble that there were no termites in that area but recently we have been called in where people DO find termites 6 months after moving in to their property OR a potential buyer orders a thermal image inspection and finds termites which delays the sale as the buyer negotiates to factor this treatment into lowering the price or at worse walks away from buying the property altogether.

Thermal imaging can pick up termite body heat and movement through walls, floors and under the house it will even pick up house faults like leaking pipes behind walls this saves you thousands of dollars.

CALL OUR TEAM 0407 065 413 or visit our website A1 Pest Control Canberra


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Possum Catcher Pest Control Canberra Call 0407 065 413

There has been a larger than ordinary possum calls outs this winter. Many reasons for this as Canberra expands to make way for buildings and housing destroying possum habitat and food source they are heading into suburbia and that is when it becomes a problem.

Who would blame possums for wanting to keep warm in Canberra winters!

Our team is one of the few pest control companies that are fully licensed by TAMs to trap and release possums. As a bonus, we will also repair minor entry points of the possum when it is a small job with easy access.

We will not set traps over the weekend as we do not work on Sunday to release them which would be cruel.

As you can see in the video possums are protective and also territorial and they normally travel in pairs and will regularly, fight with their partners or fight over food but believe me they are a big pest especially while you are sleeping.

RING OUR TEAM TODAY 0407 065 413 or go to our website A1 Pest Control Canberra

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Fleas are small wingless but agile insects who live by consuming the blood of their hosts. They are external parasites who look for mammals and birds to survive.


Adult fleas grown to about 3mm long and usually brown to dark in colouring. They can flatten their bodies sideways enables fleas to crawl or burrow through the fur or feathers of their hosts hanging on by their strong back claws designed to grasp onto their hosts.

Flea mouths have been adapted to pierce skin and sucking blood and as they lack wings they can jump 50 times their actual body length 18 cm vertically and 33 cm horizontally.
Flea bodies are covered with hard plates known as scierites, which are covered with a multitude of hairs and short spines, directed backwards to assist its movement on the host.

Pet owners in Queensland BEWARE

Fleas love it when its warm, both temperature wise and for living conditions but pet owners should be aware of the risks associated with pets in these hot climates.
The fleas can breed about just everywhere: carpets, rugs, throws, sofas, lounges, inside and outside the home. They will also find their way into furnishings, cracks in the floorboards and upholstered furniture.

Flea eggs and larvae can run rampant; the larvae feed not only on mature adult faeces, which contain dried blood, they also eat organic matter especially in bedding and carpets.

Pets should be regularly groomed.

By grooming and regularly maintaining them especially if they are playing and walking in grasses a suggestion is that you comb the pet with a flea comb. Scratching or biting behaviour by pets is often a hint that they have fleas, and need treatment asap.

A rule of thumb is that fleas can be carried by just about any hairy animal. Because fleas are parasitic, they can leave uncomfortable itches or rashes on skin particularly worrying when the home owner has small children.

Flea bites and what happens if left undisturbed

Flea bites cause a slightly raised swollen itchy red spot to form with a single puncture point at the centre like a mosquito bite surrounded by reddened haloes.

Fleas carry viruses and bacterial diseases, even bubonic plague as well as transmitting host of diseases and even tapeworms.

Undisturbed and without a blood meal, fleas can live for more than 100 days and on average live between two and three months.

The reason fleas are not a more common problem for humans is due to our lack of body hair.

Call Bob 0407 065 413 for end of lease or general pest control 7 days a week.

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FREE Pest Control Tips – Canberra Call 0407 065 413

A1 Pest Control Canberra takes pride in doing a little extra for their customers which comes as a nice surprise for customers that have not used our services before.

I have noticed not just with the pest control industry but services that I have hired to do the odd jobs around the home or have something fixed the tradesman will first give you a 4-5 hour window that they may come around to do the job.

This is highly impractical for those that will need to take a half day off from their job and sit and wait for the tradesman, many times though there is no courtesy call to even say “I will be there in 30 minutes!” More often and not you need to cool your heels and just wait for them to turn up.

When they eventually do turn up one eye is on the clock the other on the job that they are doing. Sound familiar?

When pest control is required and using larger franchise companies they too also run the same way and I suppose when comparing ourselves as a family owned and operated pest control company I think we can take a bow.

Pest Control Tips will help you by:

  • Better preparing you with tips before we arrive.
  • Ensuring that we know if you have pets so we can advise you what to do on the day of the treatment.
  • Educating you on the pest problem that you have.
  • Tips to get more for your money after we have gone.

If you have any general pest problems or need a termite inspection please reach out for pest control tips when booking in your treatment with A1 Pest Control Canberra.

Call Bob 0407 065 413


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Hearing scratching or gnawing at night in your roof? Many people will ignore and put up with a little occasional scratching and a little bit of scurrying around and just hope that the noise will just go away.

Sometimes it does and whatever found its way into your roof or wall cavities has found the way out. BUT the person that is forgiving for one nights lost sleep is not so forgiving for several nights of sleep that is interrupted.

We get called for people thinking the noise is coming from possums but on identifying the droppings we can confirm that in some cases its bush rats and I can let you know that they will be putting down roots to make your roof their new home where they will raise their babies and then you WILL have a problem.

Call Bob 0407 065 413

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Why DIY Pest Control Treatments Do NOT Work…

Hands up those people that drown a cockroach or spider?
That is what usually happens that people will go out and buy treatments off the shelf and don’t read the instructions and give it a little more, just to be sure that they are dead!

If you are nodding as your reading this you are not alone many people do this. This sort of treatment is ineffective as the pests over time have become immune to the chemical or baits and you find that you need to use more chemical to treat the problem with any off the shelf products.

BUT you do this not knowing if this is dangerous practice to you your family or pets thinking by giving an extra spray it is more effective WRONG! Doing DIY can be harmful especially using too much of the product.


What you will find is the pest returns anyway

A1 Pest Control Canberra is fully licensed and keeps up to date with the latest technology and treatments for all pests ensuring our treatments we use is low to non toxic, environmentally friendly treatments which is safe & effective to use around your family and pets.

Call Bob today get a general pest treatment to keep your property pest FREE 0407 065 413

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Colder weather brings many pests indoors and literally we make it easy for possums especially by giving them access through vines that grow up on the house or trellis that is too close to the roof. From there its easy access through a loose or broken tile into your roof void.

Here the possums will be able to sleep during the day and then leave to search for food during the night. This may seem to be harmless activity until they start breeding, fighting and chasing each other. Possums travel in pairs and mate for life.

To the unsuspecting home owner this disrupts sleep and from the owners bed it sounds like they are running with army boots on!

We are registered with TAMS to be able to trap and release possums, we can point out where the possums are gaining entry and advise the home owner to trim back trees, fix tiles or air conditioning ducts that have not been sealed correctly.

Another pest that gains access in a similar way is bush rats and sometimes we find through investigating droppings its NOT a possum but rats. We can then bait the rats and that should end your sleepless nights.

Please call Bob 0407 065 413 your pest control experts.


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Being a landlord is rewarding as property values increase around Canberra and I know that many landlords depend on feedback from property managers to make them aware of any pending maintenance issues..

PEST CONTROL definitely comes under the maintenance banner as having regular general inspections will protect your property against infestations by general pests or from causing property damage from termites.


Getting near the end of the financial year is a great time to book in any general pest control, termite inspection or termite barriers if termites are found. Its a claimable expense for investment properties.


– termite inspection either visual or thermal imaging
– chemical termite barriers if termites are found
– general pest all the creepy crawlies, cockroach, spiders etc
– mice/rat baiting this time of year they head indoors
– possum removals are one of our biggest call outs this time of

Call Bob 0407 065 413 or email


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Canberra Pest Control Termite Inspections & Barriers

Everyone has heard that a man’s home is his castle right?
What about if the castle comes under attack silently without you even suspecting there was a problem!

Canberra does not get the name bush capital for nothing its surrounded by bush termites favourite food but as Canberra expands the trees are cleared for housing the termites go looking for more wood yes your castle!




An annual inspection is what is needed to inspect your property in either 2 ways:
– visual inspection – looks for evidence that they are already there by tapping and using a moisture guage
– thermal image inspection – finds termites BEFORE they do damage uncovering termite movement, moisture, body heat & underlying house faults eg leaking behind walls etc



Discuss and show you where the termites are and what process
is needed to combat the problem and cost involved.
– we then chase the termites out so they travel back to the
nest to kill the other termites
– we install chemical termite barrier which has 8 yrs 2M dollar assurance that the termites are gone for good.


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As the weather cools and Easter is around the corner and the kids are due to be on holidays this is what we have found that generally happens in Canberra we get 2 types of pests predominately over this time which I will explain below.


Homeowners that live in close proximity to schools the rodents when the kids are on holidays and no longer throwing their food scraps on the ground the rodents venture to your home looking for a free feed and to also to shelter from the weather.

This will also be a pest in the newer suburbs as the grounds have been cleared to make way for housing and the rodents again look for somewhere to live and feed.


Possums can be a problem all year round but this time of year they go and seek under the cloak of night a broken roof tile or entry to your home usually through your roof through unsealed air-conditioner unit to also shelter but they are looking for somewhere to nest in the coming months.

Another fact is that possums travel with their mate. There is never just one possum caught its always two.

Call Bob today…0407 065 413


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Tis the season… for European wasps and bed bugs

European Wasp

It’s that time of year again European Wasp Pest Control will be needed, keep an eye out.

The sun is shining and the weather is warming, and if you haven’t seen them already, it won’t be long before you’re swatting flies, running from wasps, screaming at cockroaches and spiders, and hearing the familiar scratching of possums (or mice) in the roof.

“At this time of year you’ll want to be on the lookout for mice, cockroaches and European wasps,” says Jenny Jordan director at A1 Pest Control Canberra. “European wasps are a growing concern in Canberra.

They build their nests underground or in trees, at the entrances to houses and even inside walls. And when they sting you, they don’t die. They go back and tell the nest they’re under attack and then come after you and unlike the bee one sting and they die the European Wasp will sting up to 9 times!

They’ve evolved, so traditional methods of hitting them with boiling water or a can of bug spray doesn’t really help. Off-the-shelf just isn’t strong enough. Stay right away and call a licensed pest control specialist.”

Another pest to be wary of this season is bed bugs. Jenny warns that when you head out on holidays or stay in a hotel, bed bugs can ride on your luggage all the way home and then infest your house.

“Once they’re inside your house,” she says, “they’re really hard to get rid of. They hide in the cracks of walls, in the ceiling, on curtains and in your mattress.

They anaesthetize the area where they will bite, so you don’t feel them biting you. The only way you might know they are there is the tell-tale spots of blood on the sheets or raised bites on your body. Eradicating them requires more than treating one room – they just move to another room. You have to treat the whole house.”

Bed bugs and European wasps are just two types of creepy crawlies that the team have been treating for years.

Many of our VIP clients include a long list of happy (pest free) home owners, new home buyers, renters, property investors, builders, real estate agents, schools and government agencies.

A1 Pest Control Canberra pride themselves on using both family, pet and environmentally friendly chemicals, and have been using thermal imaging technology to help with their initial pest investigations.

“Thermal imaging is amazing,” says Jenny. “It basically allows the technician to see through the whole house with the click of a button. Traditionally you would walk through the house and look for signs of infestation, tap walls and rely on your senses and experience. Now we have science to confirm everything.

Thermal imaging allows us to detect the body heat, movement and moisture of pests like termites anywhere in the house. And while we’re at it we often pick up issues with plumbing or maintenance and alert the owner. It’s very efficient.”

The team now use thermal imaging in places where termites have been previously or where people want a more thorough inspection done to have peace of mind.

Our company is one of the largest suppliers of BASF Termidor chemical barriers we put these barrier in due to the safety net of the $2M 8 year warranty against termites returning.

If you’re interested to have someone look behind the walls and in the ceiling of your home, or you need termite inspections, termite barriers, or European wasps, mice, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs or any other creepy crawly taken care of you can contact our team on 0407 065 413 or visit A1 Pest Control Canberra.

7 Hot Tips for Summer Pests in Canberra

Cover up: Wear shoes and gloves while gardening. Funnel web, red back and white tail spiders love tunneling in dirt.

Seal food: Cockroaches vomit and excrete into unsealed food in pantries, which once eaten can make you very sick.

Keep it clean: Rats, mice and cockroaches love open food. Try not to leave dishes out overnight or food crumbs on the floor. They’ll smell it and find any way to get in.

Cut grass: Fleas love long grass. Keep grass short to avoid infestations in the house.

Prune trees: Possums and rats climb from tree branches onto roofs. Keep trees cut back.

Rake fruit: Fallen fruit from fruit trees is enticing for pests. Rake it up regularly.

Get regular inspections: Did you know most home insurance policies don’t cover termite damage? Avoid tens of thousands in possible damages by making sure these pests aren’t silently ruining your home.

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5 EASY Proven Tips to Keep PESTS Out Of Your Home TODAY!

Let’s face it pests are the unwanted guests in your home and there is nothing like to see evidence that they have visited you by their droppings to make you squirm at the thought that they are eating and vomiting on your food source.
Pest spread disease and can make you very sick or even become life threatening if you do not get rid of them.

Prevention is always easier than cure so let me share what I know that works is that you need to not tempt the pests in the first place by not giving them a reason to drop by your home in the first place.

Do you remember your mother saying cleanliness is next to Godliness? This really applies also to pest prevention.



Cockroaches rely on water and warmth and this encourages their presence behind freezers, fridges and cookers, where they are often undisturbed.

Rodents spread disease through contamination of food or utensils with rodent faeces or urine. Life threatening diseases such as Salmonella or Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis.

Fleas are a type of wingless parasite found worldwide. They feed off the blood of humans and animals such as dogs and cats. Since fleas use a wide range of hosts, diseases can be transferred from one host to another.

Are world travelers – returning from an overseas trip you may bring home more souvenirs than you want, but you may not even have to leave home to come across bed bugs you may stay in a hotel that has had a tourist stay in the same room and the bed bugs hide as they wait for the new guests to arrive!

Bed bugs need blood hosts to continue their life cycle and will gorge on your blood at night and you will wake to blood spots on your sheets and may have an allergic reaction to their bites.

Termites do not physically hurt you but they will do structural damage and hurt your hip pocket to replace the beams, doorways and windows that they eat through. Most insurance policies will not cover the damage that they do which could be many thousands of dollars.




  • Don’t leave dishes on the kitchen bench or in the sink.
  • Empty rubbish bins and store the bins away from the kitchen door, as this is an invite to go inside.
  • Sweep the floors regularly to sweep up traces of food and crumbs.
  • Open packets of anything will attract pests; keep open foodstuffs in a glass jar preferably with a lid. All contents of opened packets are an invite to rodents who will gnaw at the packet or the cockroach can make their way in packets that are just folded over.
  • Get leaky taps fixed, as this is the water source for the pest; leave a plug in sinks to stop entry via drains.
  • Plug holes with steel wool to deter rodent entry


One of the most worrying things with pests is that normally you will not see them as they come out to eat while you’re asleep and the house is quiet. If you are seeing either cockroaches or mice during the day you have a plague, which is a lot harder to treat and to break their breeding cycles – you will need a fully licensed Pest Control professional immediately.

Giveaway clues that you have pests:

  • Look for droppings near appliances as pests like warm areas to congregate to eat and breed.
  • Cockroach pupae in food areas or look for empty casings, which means they have hatched, and you will have a bigger problem.
  • If you are waking up itchy with blood spots on your sheets and have red bites this could either mean you have bed bugs or fleas as both need blood hosts (you) to continue their life cycle.
  • Saw dust on the floorboards or dropping near a hole or crevice big enough for a mouse to get in and out.
  • Touching windows and or door frames you find that they have been eaten out and are now hollow.
  • Fine dust appears on the floor boards could indicate termites or borers.

5 EASY Proven Tips to Keep PESTS Out Of Your Home TODAY!


  1. Cleanliness is the key here keep the food sources kept away and washed up and or kept in the dishwasher. Empty garbage bins regularly and don’t have bins close to the kitchen door.
  2. Keep foodstuffs in pantries in sealed containers.
  3. Look for new access areas by give away signs
  4. Identify pests quickly and remember if you are seeing cockroaches or mice during the day you have a BIG problem too big for you to treat on your own you need professional pest control help ASAP.
  5. If you have had installed air conditioning installed checked that around the piping that has been sealed, as this is a common entry point for rodents. Stuff steel wool into the hole to deter entry.


Following the many tips given above will help keep your home pest free but if you are not winning the war against the pests mentioned and due to their quick breeding cycles it does not take long to have an out of control situation. If the problem is not going away:

Call Bob on 0407 065 413A1 Pest Control Canberra

He can give you safe family and pet friendly treatments that are effective and long lasting.

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Spring is the time that you may get possums in your roof they return to where the source is and use the space to shelter and raise their young.

While it may not cause too much trouble with just a few in the roof it may will cause you many sleepless nights when the whole family start fighting or mating.

Also with all of the building that is now happening in Canberra there are many times when builders seal the entry not knowing that there is a possum in the roof and its not too long that the possum die and the smell becomes unbearable.

We have had clients and this isn’t pleasant where maggots drop from the light fittings where the possum has died.


Only yesterday (Sunday) Bob took a call from a home owner where it was a slight smell then the smell got increasingly worse as the body of the possum decayed.

We can also get this happening when people throw baits in the roof when they think that it will kill the rodent and it does but they can not escape and die.

1) Ring Bob 0407 065 413
2) The team will remove the dead possum/rat
3) Put an odour bag up that will absorb the smell NOT mask it.

Problem solved!

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At A1 Pest Control Canberra, we help keep your family, home and business safe from pests. Our professionally trained staff are always on hand to help answer your pest problems no matter the pest problem is we have the solution! However, you too can play a part in helping to protect your property from unwanted pests. Here are some simple tips and tricks for easy pest prevention.

  1. Try pest prevention first.

Keep your place spick and span! You might think that is an obvious tip for keeping your home pest free, but it’s with the simplest jobs that we can be most careless! Here are some ways to keep your place pest free.

  • Remove sources of food, water and shelter.
  • Store food in sealed plastic or glass containers. Garbage containing food scraps should be placed in tightly covered trash cans. Remove garbage regularly from your home.
  • Fix leaky plumbing and don’t let water accumulate anywhere in the home. Don’t let water collect in trays under your houseplants or refrigerator. Don’t leave pet food and water out overnight.
  • Clutter provides places for pests to breed and hide and makes it hard to get rid of them. Get rid of things like stacks of newspapers, magazines, or cardboard.
  • Close off places where pests can enter and hide. For example, caulk cracks and crevices around cabinets or baseboards. Use steel wool to fill spaces around pipes.
  • Cover any holes with wire mesh.
  • Learn about the pests you have and options to control them.
  • Check for pests in packages or boxes before carrying them inside.

Maintain your home. Keeping your home in good condition is important for a safe and healthy environment for your family. It also makes your house more welcoming for you and your family and less inviting for pests!

  • Seal up the house – all cracks, windows, floors and doors
  • Regularly check roofing and walls for any signs of decay – anything that could become a potential home for pests – Mow lawns and trim plants regularly
  • Avoid any buildup of clutter both inside and outside the home – keep a good distance between any wood piles, compost bins, etc. and your home

Don’t use outdoor chemicals indoors. Many chemicals intended for use outdoors are dangerous to use indoors because they will remain toxic longer inside than they would outdoors.

Don’t assume that twice as much is better. Always read and follow label directions.

Don’t transfer pesticides to other containers. Store pesticides in their original containers. Only mix as much as you are going to use at one time if the pesticide must be mixed with water. And most importantly, don’t use empty pesticide containers to store anything else.

This may result to confusion and eventually can lead to poisoning. Learning about the pests you have and options that are available to control specific pests is also helpful to pest control within your home or business.

There are many preventative measures you can take but sometimes this is not enough call
Bob 0407 065 413 or email


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While you might enjoy going out and traveling to places, it is an undeniable fact that pests are trying to get in. They’re not all trying to grab a snack from your kitchen, many emerge from winter hiding once temperatures rise and begin looking for food and water.
How do you keep the pests at bay?

Here are some natural remedies to keep pests away from your property:

Ants- Ants are one of the most frequent home invaders and one of the easiest to deal with in a sweet-smelling, natural way. You can also cut cucumber in small slices and place them on the likely entry point of ants in your kitchen. Bitter cucumber slices works better. If you don’t have the above-mentioned remedies, soap water spray works good against ants.

Mosquitoes- If you want a mosquito-free surrounding, you can consider lemon. Lemon grass, lemon-scented Pelargoniums (commonly sold as scented geraniums) and lemon balm are some of the ones you can keep in pots or in the garden. Lemon balm is a mint and like all mints, you’ll never have to think about it again after planting except maybe to cut it back to keep it under control. Speaking of mint, rubbing it on your skin is also an effective way to repel biting bugs.

Furthermore, it is very necessary to keep your surroundings airy and clean, take concrete measures to remove standing water sources where , mosquitoes might nest in.

Flies- The best way to keep away flies is to keep your house and surroundings clean and neat. In both kitchen and bathroom keep the drains free and clean of debris. Small sachets of mint leaves in crushed form can be placed around the home to restrict flies entering your house.

Cockroaches- We use many products available in the market to keep away roaches. The best way to keep them out of your kitchen is to keep your kitchen clean and very neat. Soap solution spray can instantly kill cockroaches if sprayed directly.

In both kitchen and bathroom keep the drains free and clean of debris. And make sure your garbage cans and compost bin lids are fit securely not only to keep insects away but four-legged pests.

However, if the pests get out of hand, it is just appropriate to admit that you need the help of experts in removing them from your property. Call Bob on 0407 065 413 for all of your pest concerns TODAY. Or go to our site A1 Pest Control Canberra for further information and education.


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There is no denying that pest control plays an important part in the health, wellbeing and protection of your family against disease spreading cockroaches, rodents and annoying ants, flies, wasps, moths and other creepy crawly pests!

Your first impulse might be to rush to the nearest store and buy a can of some sort of pest spray that you see on supermarket shelves but so many of those store-bought insect repellents contain ingredients that are can be harmful to family and pets as seldom either do not follow the instructions and use spray than is required or reapply the spray which can even be more dangerous. There are better ways to keep the pests outside without endangering your health of your family or pests.

  1. Keep your eyes peeled

Your best defence is prevention and that means keeping dishes in the dishwasher or washed up not leaving them out on the sink overnight. Wipe down bottles after use and  look for tell tale signs that show you that they are around.

  1. Even your landscaping can be problematic

Try keeping shrubs and branches well groomed away from your walls, so pests don’t make the natural transition from their home to yours. Anything that connects your property to the great outdoors can be a trouble spot. Windows, vents, pipes, chimneys, and roof tiles are just some of the spots pests will sneak through to gain entry. If you find open spaces near vents or pipes, use caulk to fill small cracks or steel wool for larger gaps.

  1. Stay dry

Water is doubly dangerous for encouraging pests. Wet areas serve as both breeding ground and drinking fountain. Places in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry can be damp. If you find excessive moisture in these areas, consider fixing the problem immediately by calling a plumber or add further ventilation.

  1. Cleanliness is the key

Keeping your home clean is the best way to keep pests away, especially the kitchen where crumbs and other potential treats summon the hungry pest. And on days you don’t feel like tossing the trash, make sure your bins are covered or even sealed.

  1. Don’t make your house a bug buffet

How do you get rid of an unwanted human house guest? Make your home as inhospitable as possible when you put the snacks away, the party is over. Pests are no different they came to eat, so keep food in sealed containers or in the refrigerator. Fresh fruits might make a nice table centerpiece, but pests are attracted to your fruit.

  1. Know when your enemy has you beaten

You did all you could, but not every pest problem can be solved with a dash of chili powder. For instance, getting lots of itchy bites in bed? Bed bugs. Could be trouble.

Termites also call for the services of a professional licensed pest control expert as they can do extensive damage that is NOT covered by insurance. One of the many visual signs is If you find piles of discarded wings or piles of “frass” (a.k.a., termite droppings), these are sure signs you have a problem. The trouble with termites is that by the time you see termite evidence they have already done damage to fences, beams and window frames etc!

As the saying goes, “Prevention is always better than cure.”
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Finding nuisance pests inside or outside your property can be a problem, but choosing the right pest control company doesn’t have to be. Different types of pest require different treatment approaches used to eradicate them, it’s important to choose a reputable, licensed professional pest control company. Below you will find helpful tips to guide you in choosing a pest control company:

  1. Ask whether the pest control company has a license – Before  the contractor starts work ask to see their license or any other kind of certification, which they hold. Also if the company is affiliated with any professional pest control association.

    A1 Pest Control Canberra – is a fully licensed pest control company that meets all licensing requirements for ACT and NSW and is affiliated with International Pest Control Association.
  1. 2. Only hire pest control companies that meet the licensing requirements for your particular state – You should note that licensing requirements do vary from state to state, and some are stricter than others. Hire companies that have experience handling your particular kind of pest problem.
  1. Verify whether the pest control company has any liability insurance – Ask the contractor to show you their liability insurance paperwork. You can be sure that your home will be protected financially if any accident or damages occur if you hire someone with liability insurance.

    A1 Pest Control Company and their employees are fully insured.
  1. 4. When obtaining quotes pest management companies – Compare the prices and services offered by each of the pest control companies in order to determine the value each may be able to provide. If any company offers warranties-ask about particular details like what all are covered under it, steps that are needed to take for keeping the guarantee active or valid.

    Cheap quotes are not necessarily the best value for money as some companies use inferior products which will not eradicate the problem and the pest will return costing you more money. Warranty differs for various pests. A1 Pest Control Canberra has a 2 million dollar warranty on all termite treatments when using Termidor.
  1. Trust your intuition – Look to see if past customers have left reviews if a company representative is making you feel uncomfortable in any way, you probably don’t want the company to service your home. Pest control technicians generally visit your house on a regular basis, so good communication and a sense of comfort are recommended.
  1. Arrange for an inspection – By doing this, you will be able to meet with your service provider in person and discuss how to deal with pests. Look for a company that will offer integrated pest management (IPM) services.

It is still up to you to make the final decision of choosing a professional pest control company that will help educate you and give you both pre and post treatment tips on best pest control practices.

A1 Pest Control Canberra offers you both residential and commercial pest control treatments for all pests. For more details, check out our website or call Bob 0407 065 413


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