How Much Does Possum Removal Cost?

One of the questions that we come across is “how much does possum removal cost?” And that question is a good one as Australian possums are protected so you should be looking at having a permit to catch a possum and know that you must release it also.

DIY Possum Removal

You use to be able to hire a cage from the RSPCA and get your permit at the same time but unfortunately the RSPCA lost a lot of the cages and now does no longer do this.


There are a number of plant hire places that will hire the cage out to you on a weekly basis OR you can hire a possum cage from A1 Pest Control Canberra for $120 per week. This you would need set the trap up and then check the trap every morning before you go to work to ensure that there is not a possum in the trap.


There is a one-way cage meaning that the possum could climb out through the trap but not able to re-enter the roof. The other type of possum cage is placed where the possum is getting in and can be placed on or in the roof.

As possum’s mate for life if you trap one possum you need to be prepared to go through the same process and catch the 2nd possum and maybe a 3rd if there is a baby possum involved.

– which is a colony of possums holds the record in Wakefield Avenue!


If this looks like a lot of work for you then you may want to consider calling in A1 Pest Control Canberra here we will supply the trap and set the bait up to attract the possum.

We will set the trap up in such a way that you will be able to see it clearly and able to check it before you go to work. If there is a possum in the trap we will be around to release the possum and then re-set the trap for its mate.

After this is done we will set the trap up for any further possums and if there is 2 consecutive days where there are no possums caught it is then time to find out where they are getting in.


  • Fix broken tiles or replace capping
  • Seal off the chimney
  • Cut back trees and shrubbery
  • Get rid of vines that grow or lead onto the house


  • $120 per week for cage hire
  • $60 per possum that is caught

So there you have it if you want a safe, effective and humane possum trapping you need to call us on 0407 065 413


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Possums are innocent looking furry animals, yet they are one of the uninvited pests that will make you search for the best possum deterrent in town.  Aside from the fact that they will wreak havoc in your home, also possums urinate where they have taken up residence and that smell is disgusting and hard to get rid of.

Up-close and personal with a Possum

There are either grey possums or black possums. Generally, these possums have a bushy tail, a pointed snout, thick body fur, and pointed ears.  Though their weight and size may vary across Australia, most adult possums weigh between 1.5 and 5 kg, and are 65 to 95 cm long.

Possums have the ability to jump and walk. With their prehensile tail, they can effortlessly climb a tree and move from one tree branch to another.

The main habitat of these nocturnal animals is the forest. However, possums can actually live anywhere as long as there is shelter and enough food supply. Thus, these animals can now be found across Australia.

Possums as Pest

While these animals have a role to play in their natural habitat, possums become pests once they invade your homes and workplaces.  If you fail to cut back scrubs and  mend those capping or loose tiles, these possums will turn your safe homes into their very own shelter and they will live and breed there for free.

If you leave dog bowls with food overnight, possums will feed on what is left. Once these possums feel comfortable in your place, they will bring their entire colony and make your place their new home.

If there are already too many possums in your environment, Possum pest removal will be difficult to do on your own. There are who try to get rid of possums on their own by throwing baits into the roof void.  This is actually unsafe and illegal as the possums are protected. They could be charged with a hefty fine by doing this.

Ask help from professional possum catchers

At A1 Pest Control Canberra, we are trained to carry out legal and humane possum removal.  We can repair the spots where possums are getting in for additional cost or we can suggest to bring in a professional.

What happens during Possum Catchers’ first visit?

As initial check, we will study the dropping from the animal. Immediately, we can tell if the dropping is from a possum or from bush rats.  If the droppings are from possums, we will find the exact spot in your place where the possums are getting in and set our trap. At first, possums may be suspicious, but eventually they will go near the trap and take the bait.

The following morning, call us so we can get the trapped possums and release them to their actual environment.  We will then set another trap for other possums that might still be in your area as possums typically travel in pairs. The procedure would be repeated the next day. After 2 days have passed and no possums we would take the trap down.

What if the possum is still in the roof and can’t get out?

We will set a one-way trap that will allow the possum to leave the roof without any chance to go back.

What if the possum hasn’t been caught and we still hear noises?

We will move the trap to a new location and try our luck again.

We love to help you with your possum pest problems. Call the Possum Catchers at
0407 065 413.

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Do You Need A Possum Catcher?


Come winter we get called and asked “I can here scratching, gnawing and running around in the roof – can you help me?”

We can tell what is bothering you by looking at the droppings.

There are some people that just throw a handful of bait up in the void but you maybe heading for a fine if it’s possums you are baiting and killing as possums are protected.

After we identify we can go about putting out locked rodent boxes that children or pets can’t get into. And the rodents can’t help themselves it’s like us with Tim Tams we can’t just have one we come back for another nibble and PRESTO your problem is gone.


When we put the baits down the rodents will get curious and it may take a few days for them to wander into the locked boxes but they will go in there after a few days.

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Possum Catcher Pest Control Canberra Call 0407 065 413

There has been a larger than ordinary possum calls outs this winter. Many reasons for this as Canberra expands to make way for buildings and housing destroying possum habitat and food source they are heading into suburbia and that is when it becomes a problem.

Who would blame possums for wanting to keep warm in Canberra winters!

Our team is one of the few pest control companies that are fully licensed by TAMs to trap and release possums. As a bonus, we will also repair minor entry points of the possum when it is a small job with easy access.

We will not set traps over the weekend as we do not work on Sunday to release them which would be cruel.

As you can see in the video possums are protective and also territorial and they normally travel in pairs and will regularly, fight with their partners or fight over food but believe me they are a big pest especially while you are sleeping.

RING OUR TEAM TODAY 0407 065 413 or go to our website A1 Pest Control Canberra

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