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Building & Timber Pest Inspections Canberra

Building & Timber Pest Inspection. Currently, the greatest investment you will have is to be purchasing a home of your own. However, it can also be one of the most frightening. There are times when no matter how meticulous we are, our lack of understanding about things would lead us to overlooking important factors such as inspecting a house for underlying structural problems,termites, wood rot, water damage, or poor construction quality, are things you require both a building and pest inspection to give you peace of mind.

Purchasing a property is an emotional decision which can sometimes without the right inspec.ctions could end up costing you many thousands of dollars in pin pointing current and future problems.

Building and Timber Pest Inspections

A1 Pest Control Canberra is the answer to your problems we’re ready to work in  conjunction with our preferred building inspectors to conduct a complete and thorough building and timber pest inspection for you. There are four levels of inspection to choose from, and whichever you pick out, we assure you that your investment will be a safe one.

We guarantee to provide you with:

Building Inspection:

  • an extensive building inspection report that abides by the Australian Standards
  • a list of all problems that were uncovered
  • a compilation of precise photos describing defects
  • a list of recommended actions to help you correct these problems
  • a proposal on which trades are prescribed to do the work

Timber Pest Inspection:

  • Comprehensive onsite inspection following the Australian Standard AS4349.3-2010
  • Pinpointing of any and all timber pests
  • Determining wood rot, fungal decay or any other confirmation of infestation in the area
  • Thorough home inspection which involves roof cavity, subfloor, interior of every room, outside house perimeter, fences, outbuildings and trees
  • Complete, elaborate and easy-to-understand inspection report with colored photos

Building and Timber Pest InspectionsAmong the few pest control companies present in Canberra, A1 Pest Control Canberra is pleased to be in the forefront in providing a highly advanced technology for termite detection which is thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging is currently the most stable and dependable tool for termite detection in the pest control industry, diminishing the chances of having unreliable assumptions for any termite infestation. Our thermal camera registers the heat radiated by the termites,  securing that any termite presence can be detected.

We could assure you that all of our building and timber pest inspection reports are well-written, clear, and easy to read and are ready within 48 hours. A full verbal report will also be given to you before the inspector leaves. For  timber pest inspection inquiries please contact A1 Pest Canberra.

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