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 Canberra Pest control now is in the high season the hot weather, drought and bush fires are bringing pests out in their numbers.

As a Canberra pest control professional company with over 30 years of combined experience, I really believe the public needs to be educated on what the expectations are when controlling pests.

You see, say you have cockroaches where there are 20-30 different varieties of species and we treat Australian cockroaches (black ones) in general pest control BUT if it’s German cockroaches sometimes they will require further treatment if it’s an infestation or in a commercial kitchen as they have a quick breeding cycle.


Some pests can be blown in with the wind like spiderlings, lumber or firewood stacked in piles attracts spiders, ants, and termites, trees too close to the house are easy to access to a property, outdoor furniture, toys, lawn not mowed, pets can transport pests and I know no one wants to hear this but its sometimes the lack of general housekeeping that attracts pests also.


Leaving dishes on the sink, not rinsing plates off before placing in the dishwasher, crumbs on the floor, benchtops that are not wiped down and items in the pantry not properly stored with jars not wiped down after use, bins not emptied regularly or bin left too close to the door is a problem.

Those people who keep chickens and throw scraps into the run and pellets left in open containers this attracts rats and mice.

Pests love the kitchen as it has the pest’s main food source both in the domestic and commercial kitchens.

Here are a few tips that may help you detract pests from making a way to your kitchen.

• dishes not left dirty in the sink or dishwasher
• sweep crumbs off floors
• wipe benches
• empty bins more regularly
• put plugs in the sink when not in use
• wipe over the pantry and all jars containing the sauce, keep items in glass containers NO open packets.
• Clean regular splashbacks, exhausts, wipe over stovetops

Any one of these environmental areas ignored can possibly cause pest problems.

As a Canberra pest control company,

we advise our clients on things we can see on the day that can possibly attract pests. As we only use quality chemicals that are applied following closely manufacturer’s directions we know will continue to safely and effectively keep killing pests for a long period of time but be aware we have no control over the environment.

Over the weekend I got a request to re-spray a whole property I asked why that would be required as we were only there 2 weeks prior and not enough time for the treatment to do its work and they replied, “I have insects everywhere!” Being alarmed at this question asked, “have you had 8-12 of anyone insect?” No, the reply was I only saw 1 (true story!).

As the number one priority, we will always keep the safety of property owners, families, pets and our staff by using environmentally safe and effective pest control methods.

If we can help you with any pest control problems please call our friendly Canberra Pest Control team on 0407 065 413.

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