We are really blessed to live in the “bush capital” but knowing we are surrounded by bush land along with many of the older suburbs are under attack by termites.

The funny thing is that these reports now are not just because termites have been found through normal annual pest control its because the termites have been munching away undisturbed and we get strange calls like “I was just just leaning on the door frame and it collapsed” or “I saw a small hole around the window and now I can see its been eaten away.”

1) don’t wait til you have a problem with termites its a bigger and more expensive for you
2) an inspection is like a warranty though to ensure that you have not got termites its a little price to pay against expensive structural repairs.
3) If you see our truck in your street and we are treating termites BOOK an inspection with us IMMEDIATELY! We chase the termites out before we do the treatment and barriers….so the termites look for NEW homes so it could be your place that they move into!

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