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Be Extra Careful: Growing Cases of European Wasp in Canberra

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There’s a rapid increase in the cases of European wasp in our area because of current weather conditions. But A1 Pest Control Canberra is here to serve you. The pest control services in Canberra have been receiving several calls related to this pest. You might think of yourself as lucky if you live in Canberra and have not yet met them. But think again.

About 12,000 wasp species are known all over Australia. They have essential roles in our ecosystem, but some species can become pests in local areas and trigger a threat from stinging. 

Let’s identify the European wasp first.

  • They are a stout wasp with a bright yellow and black banded abdomen and a pair of black spots on each yellow band.
  • European wasp has two pairs of transparent wings, with the first pair larger.
  • They have black antennae and fly with their legs held close to the body.

When they start to enter your property, the only way to defeat them is to destroy their nest. Sounds easy? Not at all.

European wasps are very aggressive when it comes to protecting their nests. And what’s scarier is that they attack in large numbers. Why? Because European wasps release chemicals to alert other wasps when they are attacked. Dealing with them will need the help of the European Wasp Pest Control Canberra. You can always call our team at 0407 065 413 if you need urgent help on this.

Alarming Cases of European Wasp in Canberra

Cases of European wasp
Be Extra Careful: Growing Cases of European Wasp in Canberra 1

A1 Pest Control Canberra, as general pest control experts, has been receiving calls for multiple times cases of European wasps’ nests a day. 

And just last week, we received 29 calls for this pest. Can you imagine? That’s 29 possible cases of European wasp nests! And that is just in our area, Canberra.

In one case, we got a call from a lovely gentleman who has reported hearing loud buzzing sounds in his ceiling. And when our expert technician checked the location, we found a 400 mm nest of European wasps. And what’s worse here, the wasps have already eaten the plaster in the gentleman’s ceiling.

After the initial call, our technicians already brought the necessary gear and equipment for this type of pest. Wearing the full wasps’ gear, our technicians carefully inspected the area and applied the essential wasp treatment.

It’s a good thing that we were immediately called to take care of the nest. European wasps will attack if they feel an unwanted presence near their nest or when they feel threatened. An untrained person is certainly not someone that can take care of the nest removal.

In most cases, the wasp nest will not remove immediately after the application of treatment. There are foraging wasps out of the nests, so we need to give them time to return first. And when they do, the treatment will also work on them and thus, making sure to eliminate the whole colony.

After removing the wasps’ nest and making sure the wasps were cleared, we discussed some recommendations and advised the gentleman who called us to prevent the wasps from returning.

It was just one of those many alarming cases of European wasps in Canberra, and we certainly don’t want you to put yourself in danger.

What to do when you find wasps on your property?

Take note of these important reminders.

  1. First, if you find one that’s flying around, do not try to catch it. Leave it alone and carefully follow it from afar to locate its nest.
  2. Once you find the nest, please do not go near it as European wasps attack in groups. And remember, a single wasp can sting up to 9 times!
  3. Immediately call for  Cases of European Wasp Pest Control Canberra.

A1 Pest Control Canberra has many years of experience when dealing with several cases of European wasps. We have our reliable and effective treatment that will take care of the wasps’ problem for you. 

Call us NOW at 0407 065 413.

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