Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial pest control services have different needs than residential especially if they have kitchens. Residential pest services should be conducted annually as part of general maintenance and upkeep of a property as we are aware that household insurance does not cover the damage that termites cause. The old saying “prevention is better than cure” should be ringing in anyone’s ears as the cost of the treatment far outweighs the cost of the cure.

We at A1 Pest Control Canberra accommodate our clients by working outside their trading hours as they have special requirements that would interfere with their day-to-day business such as:

  • Dental practice
  • Aged home facilities
  • Hotels
  • Childcare centres
  • Schools
  • Unit blocks
  • Restaurants

Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control Services Recommendations

Commercial Pest Control services that have kitchens that serve food need to be on top of their cleanliness at all times to keep pests at bay. It’s recommended that pest control be undertaken every 3 months to stop the breeding cycle.

On the initial inspection the walk around by the pest control managers looks in cool rooms, bench areas both on the top to the floor with special attention looking at stoves fans and grills where fat and oils spill. With a checklist he thoroughly looks, reports and then gives a recommendation of the areas that need cleaning or repaired to deter pests.

Usually in food court areas where there are a number of food areas if the pest control is only done on one food restaurant the pests will be hunted into the next-door neighbours food eatery – where possible all food properties get treated at the same time.

If a clean up has taken place we would go back in and make a list of products and quantities of chemicals that we are using to give to the health inspector should he visit he can see that commercial property is doing everything possible to keep the property pest free.

Where there are child care centres we treat on a weekend while there are no children around also dental practices. The aim of A1 Pest Control Canberra is that we work to service the customer if we can do anything for you or you need advice please contact Jenny 0407 065 413 or email us at jenny@a1pestcontrolcanberra.com.au

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