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Dust Mite Management Tips

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Many people will benefit from the following dust mite management tips, as there are a number of folk that do suffer from allergies that in some cases can be life threatening such as asthma and other associated breathing problems. Another health problem that can be associated with the mites is eczema.

Although dust mites can cause health issues they don’t bite or transmit disease we do get reports occasionally from homeowners that they are getting bitten but I can assure you that its not the dust mite that is doing the biting.

The common problem with dust mites is the strong allergens in their bodies, secretions, faeces and shed skins. House dust mites are among the most common source of household allergen in Australia, especially in humid hot coastal areas which can cause childhood asthma, eczema, chronic sinusitis and middle ear infections to name but a few.

Dust mite management tips will definitely help:

  • Replace carpet with hard floors
  • Trade curtains for non-fabric blinds
  • Change fabric covered lounge to leather or vinyl

Everyday management: Make conditions less inviting for dust mites by cleaning regularly removing their food source.

  • Remove mold
  • Vacuum regularly also remove the dust bag don’t just leave it in the cleaner &wet dust weekly – this means wipe over all surface areas with a damp cloth
  • Use bed bug protectors over your mattress & pillow protectors
  • Wash soft toys when they are nearly dry pop them into the dryer to kill off any mites
  • Wash bedding weekly – including sleep ware

With the number of helpful tips provided this will help keep your home cleaner and healthier.

A1 Pest Control Canberra regularly updates clients and stocks a full range of bed bug mattress protectors and we can certainly help with further tips to better protect you and your family.

Further advice call Jenny 0407 065 413 or email info@needava.com


Dust mite management tips

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