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As the end of the financial year draws near there is no better time for landlords to ensure preventative maintenance is done on your rental property. You need EOFY pest control in your area.

Having either a termite inspection or general pest management is a way to keep your property free from termites or general creepy crawlies and have a legitimate tax deduction at the same time.

Let’s discuss why EOFY pest control so important:

  1. Health and Safety Concerns – Rodents and pests can spread diseases, cause respiratory issues, and affect the habitability of a rental home. Therefore, any evidence of pests must be taken seriously and addressed by a professional.
  2. Pests Can Damage the Rental Property – Whether you are dealing with termites, rodents, roaches, or ants, pests can cause damage to your rental property faster than you may realize. Rodents can chew holes into walls, and termites can go from a nuisance to infestation levels in a matter of days. Therefore, at the first sign of trouble, contact a pest control professional to evaluate and treat the situation. Get the best EOFY pest control now.
  3. Tenants May Complain or Leave Unfavorable Reviews – As a landlord, reputation is crucial to your business, and you do not want to be known as an owner who risks their tenant’s safety. Residents expect a pest-free environment, and if they feel it is not being handled, they may complain or, worse, begin spreading the word online.
  4. Higher Turnover Rates – No tenant wants to live in a rental home with a pest infestation. Failing to address the problem or taking steps to prevent recurrence will inevitably cause tenants to vacate. Therefore, landlords are left.


Landlords are responsible to ensure their properties are fit for habitation as an owner. So, having a EOFY pest management is a must. There is legislation and guidance that private landlords must follow. This is to protect against potential risks, hazards to health and safety within the rental property. Pests can be a potential risk and hazardous to health. Landlords should ensure the property has been adequately protected against pests to stop them from getting in. 


Check with your CPA but as termites are not covered under general insurance having an inspection on your rental property just makes sense.

Call our team on 0407 065 413, we can do either a visual inspection or use the latest thermal imaging technology to see problems before the damage is done!

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