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FREE Thermal Imaging When Selling Your Home In Canberra!

Need FREE Thermal Imaging when Selling your home in Canberra this 2023? Don’t look further, A1 Pest Control Canberra is here for you.

Free thermal ImagingFree thermal Imaging – its a catchy headline right? Everyone loves a free anything but this is so true in Canberra alone as the seller needs to prepare their home to sell and needs to organise both building and pest inspections to give to their solicitor to ensure that the property is clear of termites and asbestos.

The buyer then buys the report off the owner at exchange and therefore is FREE to the seller!

This is only in Canberra ACT not in any of the other states.

Many sellers will take the visual termite inspection BUT this really does not give peace of mind to the buyer especially when its noted on the report that “weather did no permit access” or “not enough space under the flooring to inspect!”


Thermal imaging will pick up not only termites, body heat & movement long before they do damage BUT building faults such as:

  • roof leaks, bathroom leaks
  • a/c duct leaks
  • potential plumbing issues
  • moisture & mold
  • missing insulation
  • electrical concerns

Basically, weather does not permit an inspection as thermal imaging sees through walls, concrete etc..

Compared to the visual termite inspection look around and tapping done by the inspector PLUS even when the property is sold and the new owners find new problems – the real estate agent will hear all about it and will need to act.

This is annoying to the seller as it not only delays selling the property but the buyer will use what they find in their investigation to negotiate a further discount on the property as they will need to fix the problem at their own cost.

Its therefore a lot less stressful to have a thorough thermal imaging done before putting it on the market.

Save yourself the trouble get a full thermal imaging termite report that will pick up any termite movement, moisture or body heat PLUS the added advantage of finding undetected house faults!

Call Bob 0407 065 413 A1 Pest Control Canberra to book your thermal image termite inspection TODAY!

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