General Pest Control

The first day of August which means spring next month. So over these last couple of months many of the troublesome insects and pests have been either sleeping, mating or both ready to make an appear when the warmer weather.

European Wasp is a nasty one as the are often mistake for bees but unlike bees who sting and die the European Was can sting many times, and tells others to do the same!

Last year we unearthed a nest underground the size of a soccer ball. But here is the thing do not disturb them or as stated that they will turn on you to protect the colony at all cost. Even through the protect clothing our team wear the wasp can penetrate our gear so never ever go to rid of these pests yourself.

– do a general pest control
– check garden beds to see what pests are lurking
– clean up and wipe down pantry cupboard and shelves
– get a termite inspection done – thermal image one is best

Just a few ideas for general maintenance leading into the warmer months that can save you from pests and also save you money.

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