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Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small common parasites that normally feed on human blood. They ge t the flood to sustain them by piercing through the human skin which is mostly at night as people are dead asleep. They however do not live on the human body and they also do burrow into the skin. They are also very mobile insects and hence are able to move from one spot to another but within short distances. For this reason they normally live near their food (blood) sources. The most common place where bed bugs can be found is on mattresses, specifically along the stitched edges where they use the folds to hide themselves.  A1 Pest Control Canberra will help you to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

They can also be spotted on bed frames, in bed side furniture, in picture frames, behind wall papers, in cracks and crevices or other areas of a room that will provide them with protection, such as carpet edges, behind skirting boards or between wooden floor boards. In general, they are mostly a nuisance kind of pest more than a pest that can cause a serious health threat. There are people who find the bites from bed bugs painful while other people can get reactions because of the saliva that the bed bugs inject while feeding, which may cause localized allergic reactions. There are other people who will not react to either the bites or the saliva from the bed bugs at all. Start Get Rid of Bed bugs from your home.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs NOW

Adult bed bugs are normally about 4–6mm in length, oval in shape and their body colour is dark reddish. Even though bed bugs can only walk for short distances to adjoining rooms, they are mostly carried over greater distances in and on people’s luggage and belongings. This is the main way bed bugs are moved from infected homesinto new homesin Australia. It is always very important to look for evidence of bed bugs when travelling. A good idea is to always examining bedding and mattresses for signs of these pests. If you acquire second-hand furniture, you need to examine them very carefully, especially bedroom furniture, for any evidence of bed bugs. In addition you should have them treated by pest control experts in case there are bed bugs spotted.

Even though you may put in place a lot of measures to keep bed bugs away from your home, they can still infest your home and they are known to be very difficult to get rid of. In case you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, the best solution is always to contact licensed pest control professionals for help. At A1 Pest Control, we have a team of well-trained experts who use the best techniques to get rid of bed bugs completely from your home. Once your home is treated of bed bugs, we will also put in place measure to ensure they do not infest your home again and Get Rid of Bed Bugs Now.

We normally need to thoroughly inspect the premises at first so that we can access the extent of the infestation. This will help our team of experts to determine the best treatment method to use. Once we have carried out the initial treatment, we will make a number of follow-up inspections depending on scale the infestation. This may also require a number of repeated treatments to completely eradicate the pests. If you suspect you have a pest problem in your home, contact us immediately at and we will have our professionals coming to inspect your home and offered the best treatment solution. Get Rid of Bed Bugs NOW!

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