Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Get Rid of Carpenter AntsIn Australia, one of the most commonly found pests on commercial and domestic buildings are ants. Even though there are hundreds of ant species that are known to man, they are broadly divided into two main groups, Black Ants and Brown Ants.

The food preferences of these pests are varying, and they are constantly scavenging for something to feed on. In order to control an ant infestation in your home or commercial premises, there are a number of contributing factors that should be considered, including; species of ants, seasonal conditions, life cycle stage and colony requirements.

The main places where ants like to build their nests are inside cavities between building levels, inside walls, roof voids and moisture affected timber. They may however be difficult to get rid of since they like to track great distances from a colony in a neighboring property. There are a lot of cases where people find carpenter ants in their home and mistake them for termites. This is because unlike other species of ants, the carpenter ant is large and mostly lives in rotting and damp wood.

Most Australian home owners have had experience with these ants in some way, whether it’s outside in the garden or inside of the house. They are normally spotted eating at night, and for this reason they may be a bit difficult to see them. There are a lot of things that these ants feed on, including insects, sweets, and even meat that may be found in a kitchen.

Get Rid of Carpenter AntsA good sign of their presence is piles of sawdust near wood. The main objective of any ant control in your home or commercial premises is to locate and treat the nest. In most cases this can be a very tedious and time consuming task that may involve drilling holes into walls and voids, such as inaccessible ceiling cavities, to reach the nest.

In case you discover presence of ants in your home, you should consult a professional pest control expert. There are a number of ways that a pest control expert can help you get rid of ants, depending on the severity of the infestation, the amount of ants, and the location of the nest. There are also a number of different treatments that can be used, including baiting, dusting, aerosol pesticide spray or a barrier insecticide outdoors.

There are a number of things you can do to prevent carpenter ants from entering your home, and this includes repairing tap and pipe leaks quickly, sealing spaces that allow ants to enter your home, and making sure that shrubs are away from the outside walls of your home. In case you are not sure whether you have carpenter ants or termites, you should seek the help of a professional pest control company to help classify and appropriately treat the insects.

At A1 pest control, we have a team of well-trained pest control experts that can help you get rid of carpenter ants. Feel free to contact us for questions or interest in pest control services for ants and we will be happy to assist you.

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