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Need Pest Control Service?

Do You Need to Get Rid of Possums In Your Home?

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Why do you need to get rid of possums in your home?

In Australia, opossums are commonly known for being viciousness. Despite this, they can easily give a nasty bite if they are frightened. They can transmit diseases like typhus as well as carry parasites such as including ticks, fleas and roundworms.

When they are scared, these nocturnal creatures are known for a defensive ploy of falling over in a dead faint. When they move into your compound or backyard, opossums can be a great nuisance. The best way of getting rid of them is making sure you keep them away from your home by making life generally unpleasant for them.

need to get rid of possums

As soon as you have identified presence of a possum within your home, you should immediately try to locate its point of access to your home. The best time to do this is during the day because you can be able to identify holes which make it possible for the opossum to get into your home.

Once you have spotted the holes, sprinkle a handful of flour in front of these holes and leave it overnight since the possums normally go out at night to look for food. Look out for the possum footprints in the flour early in the morning. These can help you to identify whether the problem is a single opossum or a whole family of possums.

A simple barrier is all you need to block out an opossum living in a roof, attic or other high spot. A lot of times high-living possums will use trees to access their preferred sleeping quarters. They may also climb a bird feeder so as to feed on the birdseed.

You can try to stop them by wrapping a 2-foot-wide band of roof flashing or such materials as like a sheet metal all around the trees around your house or any poles that the possum may use to climb. Another important thing to do is to trim all the branches such that they do not touch your house’s roof.

In case you have having your house built you can also try to ensure that the builder places the tiles well so as not to leave spaces and that the house is also sealed around airconditioners because this is one of the places where possums gain entry

In addition to being noisy and smelly, opossum that live below your house or deck can also pose potential health hazards. It is common for these animals to make themselves comfortable by living under a garage or shed.

The first step in trying to get rid of them should start with pouring a handful of flour in front of its entry hole as well as under our buildings or deck and checking in the following morning for footprints in the flour so as to make sure that the possum has left the location.

Once you have made sure the animal is out and you won’t trap it under the building or deck, you can now go ahead and seal the entry hole to ensure it does not use it again. Even though the possum will likely come back before dawn, it will have to find a new home since the entry to its current home will be sealed.

Despite all these measures, possums can sometimes still find ways of coming to your home. For the best solution to possum problems in your home, you need to contact a professional pest control company.

At A1 pest control we have well trained experts who will help get rid of possums in your home without hurting them. Contact us today and we will act.

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