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Need Pest Control Service?
Need Pest Control Service?

Get Rid of Termites

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If you are from Australia you must be aware that the Australian bush is a very dynamic. Every day there are trees that die and there are new ones that regenerate. In addition to these fallen trees and dropped limbs, a number of places are filled with shed barks and leaves which end up creating a layer of litter on the woodland floor. All this litter is attracts a common pest in Australia, the termite, which feeds on this cellular material. This has also led to these termites invading Australian homes and destroying property worth a lot. Some of the gardens in our homes have recreated the bush, and this makes a perfect termite habitat. Since the damage caused by termites can be tremendous, it is very necessary to protect your home from these destructive pests.

A pest control expert that you would need to contact is one who specialise in termite detection and control. What is surprising about these pests is the fact that a king and queen are able to live for around 70 years and the colony is able to be well established even before it is detected. One way that may be used to eradicate an unwanted nest of termites is by pumping a controlling agent into the nest and sealing the hole. It can also be a good idea to have a pest control expert lay termite traps on your property if by any chance you suspect there is termite activity in the area. These are inspected regularly for any activity, and as soon as termites are detected a large bait box is installed to concentrate the termite numbers. the contents of the bait box contains can be cells of wood, and this can be kept in place for up to eight weeks, after which the whole colony may be treated with a range of contact insecticides. This should be carried out only by an authorised pest controller. Even though you may be very vigilant in termite detection in the garden, it is still possible for them to enter your house. The first and easiest indicator to spot may be some slight discolouration of the surface of a wall, mostly followed by warping in case the wood panelling is used to line the wall.

There is a specials meter that can be used to show if there is high moisture content behind the wall. If that is the case, this is enough indication that there is termite activity in that location. Since termites are tropical insects, they normally create their own high humidity in the places they live. There is a simple way of monitoring whether you have termites in your home. This is done by burying toilet rolls in the ground in various places in the garden. Each one is marked and since they are made from good cellulose material which is highly absorbent, they are attractive to termites. You will need to dig them up from time to time, and if there are termites then you may have cause for concern. There is no denying that termites are a great natural part of the Australian landscape, but they become problematic when they are in close proximity to your house. It is however rash to get treatment for a problem before it exists. The first step should be setting up the baits so as to establish whether there are termites in the vicinity. The expert is the one who need to properly identify them and establish a control program.

At A1 Pest Control we have well trained experts who are always quick to respond to termite problems. The best solution for your termite problem would be to call us today and we will act as soon as possible.

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Need help identifying termites?

Call A1 Pest Control Canberra today for a consultation and to schedule an inspection of your property.

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