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How Much Does Possum Removal Cost?

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How Much Does Possum Removal Cost?

One of the questions that we come across is “how much does possum removal cost?” And that question is a good one as Australia’s possums are protected so you should be looking at having a permit to catch a possum and know that you must release it also.

DIY Possum Removal

You use to be able to hire a cage from the RSPCA and get your permit at the same time but unfortunately the RSPCA lost a lot of the cages and now does no longer do this.


There are a number of plant hire places that will hire the cage out to you on a weekly basis OR you can hire a possum cage from A1 Pest Control Canberra for $120 per week. This you would need set the trap up and then check the trap every morning before you go to work to ensure that there is not a possum in the trap.


There is a one-way cage meaning that the possum could climb out through the trap but not able to re-enter the roof. The other type of possum cage is placed where the possum is getting in and can be placed on or in the roof.

As possum’s mate for life if you trap one possum you need to be prepared to go through the same process and catch the 2nd possum and maybe a 3rd if there is a baby possum involved.

– which is a colony of possums holds the record in Wakefield Avenue!


If this looks like a lot of work for you then you may want to consider calling in A1 Pest Control Canberra here we will supply the trap and set the bait up to attract the possum.

We will set the trap up in such a way that you will be able to see it clearly and able to check it before you go to work. If there is a possum in the trap we will be around to release the possum and then re-set the trap for its mate.

After this is done we will set the trap up for any further possums and if there is 2 consecutive days where there are no possums caught it is then time to find out where they are getting in.


  • Fix broken tiles or replace capping
  • Seal off the chimney
  • Cut back trees and shrubbery
  • Get rid of vines that grow or lead onto the house


  • $120 per week for cage hire
  • $60 per possum that is caught

So there you have it if you want a safe, effective and humane possum trapping you need to call us on 0407 065 413



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