A1 Pest Control Canberra – How much does termite treatment cost?

A1 Pest Control Canberra – How much does termite treatment cost?

I will answer many other questions surrounding termite inspection and the real cost of not doing anything regarding termite control.

Let’s look at first what attracts termites in the house?

Number one is first, get rid of any decayed lumber or firewood, which termites prefer. Do not lean the firewood against the property. Ensure all tree stumps are grinded into the ground. They are attracted to warm, dark places termites prefer moist, undisturbed places such as crawl spaces.

The termite soldiers eat wood then return to the nursery to regurgitate their food to feed the new baby termites. To enter a property through cracks in the cement the soldier termites build mud tracks that lead from the foundations into the property. So the warning is clear to make it a priority to fix any leaking or dripping taps that make for the ideal conditions for termites.


Remember that termites eat soft wood from the inside out and at times because we cannot see damage does not mean that you have no termites. The following tips you may find that are useful to keep vigilant outside regular termite inspections:

1. Warping of walls, floors or blisters in paint work.
2. Hollowed out wood when you are tapping beams and framework.
3. Evidence of Swarms that are scouting around to look to start a new colony.
4. Mud tubes leading from the ground to inside the home – check under the house or around damp areas that may have a leak problem
5. Sawdust on floor or around window sill etc.
The 5 tips are tried and true and will help you identify when termites are active in your property that is why you need a termite inspection to identify potentially problem areas that are not evident to the untrained eye.

A typical termite inspection happens when he arrives in your street he is already checking out the trees outside and surrounding your home.

The inspection will entail both inside and outside the property looking at fence boundaries and garden beds and possible other high risk areas that will be added to the termite technicians report.

What if termite treatment is required on public land?

Nests on public land may be considered as a possible source of termite attack if they are located within 60 metres of structures under attack and the termites in the nest are of the same species as those identified in the infested area.
Pest control firms holding Environmental Authorisation issued by the ACT Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for Urban Pest Control are permitted to inspect trees for termite activity on land managed by City Services and to destroy nests that are a suspected source of infestation to nearby structures.

Pest control firms inspecting trees or mounds on City Services land for termites must follow the inspection techniques outlined in the Australian Standard 3660-2000 and the Guidelines for Termite Control in the ACT.
Where a pest controller locates a nest on City Services land within 60 metres of a residence, City Services will be responsible for the cost of the inspection and the destruction of the nest.

The pest controller must obtain permission from City Services to destroy the nest. The pest controller must provide City Services with a written quote that details the site location, number of nests to be treated and termiticide to be used. If the quote is acceptable, City Services will contract the pest controller to undertake the work.

A1 Pest Control Canberra – How much does termite treatment cost?

As a preventative measure the cost of termite control should start with a termite inspection and this should be factored into the annual maintenance and upkeep of your property.

There are 2 types of inspection the first one is a visual inspection where the technician has a number of inspection tools such as a tapping tool, moisture meter and a powerful strength torch as this will take the technician into the roof void (where possible) and also crawling under the house area. The cost of this termite inspection could range between $260-300.

The other type of termite inspection is a thermal image inspection where a T3i thermal imaging camera or similar is used to detect termite movement, heat and can pick up housing faults such as plumbing problems behind the walls or even electrical faults.

This thorough termite inspection is ideal for the person buying a home or the person who has termites in the property and wants to see if they are in other areas of the property. Due to the sophistication of this inspection the price range could be around $500+ range.

Cont…A1 Pest Control Canberra – How much does termite treatment cost?

termite control barrier

A new home can have either a physical or chemical barrier installed at the time of building.

An older property we prefer to use a chemical barrier call Termidor which gives our customers an 8 year $2M dollar assurance against termites returning.

The average chemical barrier can vary from $2000-$7000 depending on the meter measurements.

The question of how much does termite treatment cost is relatively small insurance against a termite attack of a colony when you think of the Queen termite can produce up to 30,000 live termites a day and the repair bills can quickly escalate to replace a roof or a room is $30,000 + this is all out of pocket expense as insurance does not cover termite damage.

In closing and as a general rule of thumb it use to be thought the higher the humidity, the more issues homeowners have with both pests and termites but that is not the case any longer as pests have adapted to the cold weather of Canberra over a period of time.

termite treatment cost?
First step is to have an annual termite inspection. Follow our 4 Simple Step Termite Action Plan.

Calling A1 Pest Control Canberra will not cost you a lot of money, but it could save you big dollars in the long run.

Termites eat wood from the inside out; there is normally no evidence of damage until the curtain rod may be leaning down or you put your foot through a floorboard.

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