I Hate to Mention it BUT..

I am purely bringing termites up for you to think about as not all pests come out in summer only termites are all year around. On a daily walk I spotted a tree that has fallen down in a school that tree has laid there a couple of years now and the kids play on it.

I noticed today that it is showing signs of termites who have moved in to make it their home.

If you throw timber under the house or had an add on and the builders have thrown it under your house you have provided the ideal environment for your termite guests.

You may not of thought about it much but left undisturbed the cost of a termite barrier is cheap against the home that needs major renovations done to replace supporting beams and timbers in your home.

If you are in the Curtin area and you saw 2 of our trucks there we were installing a termite barrier as the property had termites. Termites will then move to another home in the same street?

We have seen termites not go next door they may go 2 doors down or across the street one street on the Northside 5 homes were treated for termites.

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