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Increasing Pest Population in Canberra: Why Should Bother?

The increase in pest problems is not just happening in Canberra but nationwide in Australia. There’s even news about the ‘plaque of mice’ that is infesting crops in rural east areas. The locals turned to intensive baiting programmes but to no success.

The heat of summer and the unusual heavy rainfalls could be some of the contributing factors for this increase. Common pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, rodents and termites are associated with a damp and moist environment. This is their ideal season to breed. 

Getting your regular pest control services can help control the pest numbers so you avoid the  damage caused by pest infestations.

Our Next Worry: Bush Rats and Possums

Increasing Pest Population
Increasing Pest Population

Bush rats and possums are two pests that are hard to control and can bring serious danger to your home. They have tendencies to chew electrical wiring which can cause fire threat and thus, expensive repairs.

Both also enjoy eating a wide range of food materials and they are more than happy to live around properties that provide them with warm shelter, a nesting place and a source of food. Bush rats and rodents are unwanted guests in our home that cause physical damage to property and also bring various diseases that can harm our family.

Their breeding capacity is undeniably fast. So, their numbers can easily get out of control. If you see early signs of infestation, take immediate action by contacting your local service provider.

Call A1 Pest Control Canberra at 0407 065 413.

What attracts bush rats and possums in your home?

Bush rats and possums are basically explorers. They check their surroundings to look for food. And once they’ve found one, it will not take long before pest infestation happens.

Here are some of the reasons why they are attracted to your home.

  1. Food
    Of course, this is the main reason. They are not picky eaters so they will eat all kinds of available food. This is why it is important to properly dispose of all your food waste and garbage.
  2. Warm shelter
    Bush rats and possums are warm-blooded animals so they seek places that will provide them with warmth. In finding shelter, they tend to gnaw through everything like wood and electrical wires.
  3. Easy access
    If you have holes or cracks in your walls, these can pave a way for these pests to enter your home. As we said, they are explorers so they squeeze themselves anywhere and climb any trees, roofs and walls.

Solution to Bush Rats and Possums Infestation

Most people leave these pests untreated thinking that they are just small pests. They do not take action until it is too late. Do not be mistaken. Remember that bush rats and possums are destructive. They can bring diseases to you and your family. And they can also cause expensive damages to your property.

Once you notice signs of rats or possums in your property, like their droppings or hearing scratching in your walls or roofs, immediately call us.

A1 Pest Control Canberra can provide you with effective treatments that can eliminate your pest problems. Call our pest experts NOW at 0407 065 413.

Increasing Pest Population

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