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Is DIY Rat Pest Control Worth It?

In this article, let’s talk about DIY Rat control and discover the pros and cons of DIY rodent or rat pest control is worth it for your health and safety.

The answer is NO, and here is why in the current infestation of rodents and rats in Canberra, you will have a hard time keeping up the supply of over-the-counter remedies.

Possible DIY Rat Pest Control

There are various rat pest control that you have always plan if you have noticed pests in your area. But are these worth it? These are the possible rat control you always do.


With the rodent numbers, the traps are slow and time-consuming trying to entice the rodents to take the bait, and even if you do trap them we still get called out as the rodents are still alive in the trap and the property owner does not know what to do with the trapped distressed rat who is struggling to getaway.


Yes baiting does work in certain cases but with the explosion of rodents, it is not strong enough to deal with the problem.

You will also find that MANY rodent baits kill birds and poison pets as it has an ingredient to attract not only rats but our pets and wildlife!

We are licensed to use chemical treatments that are safe to use around pets and wild life, quick acting and 100% effective!

We put down baits in the ceiling, around chicken coops and we are in much demand to service strata complexes, units, and restaurants as we use locked bait boxes.

Rat Pest Control


The technician will look at the rodent traffic area by their droppings and then put down baits, the rodents are at first suspicious for the first couple of days before taking the bait.

Once they do take the bait, they will seek water immediately and then die.


The answer is that less than 1% of the bait we use is stored in the rats liver so there is no ill effect to the pet or wildlife.


rat pest control

1. How can I tell if I have rats infestation on my property?

There are signs of rats infestation that you can easily see, like rats droppings and shredding of materials like paper and fabrics. You can also hear scratching or squeaking sounds inside the walls and smell unpleasant odours coming from corners of the house.

2. Are rats dangerous?

YES. Rats carry pathogens that can affect humans and can spread over 35 diseases. These diseases include Rat-bite fever, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, and Hantavirus. One can get infected by having contact with rats’ droppings, urine, or saliva.

Aside from health danger, rats can also bring physical damage to your property. Rats and other rodents are known to gnaw on cinder blocks, wood, and even electrical wiring, leading to fire!

So, if you are hoping for the DIY rat pest control, think again.

3. I keep my property clean but why do I still see rats?

Rats are always looking for food, water, and a place to nest. Having rats doesn’t mean your property is a mess. They love eating and can easily access a property with just a small opening or narrow cracks. Rats are also among the smartest animals so that they can find their way back to familiar places. So, make sure to check your property for even the tiniest entry and block them.

4. Do rats bite?

YES. The rats can bite when they felt in danger and threatened. It could happen when you try to DIY rat pest control to catch them on your own without proper information or if you come across a wild one. Their bites can look like minor cuts which tend to bleed and swell.

Even with small bites, it is still best to get medical assistance for proper disinfection and cleaning as rats’ saliva can cause diseases that are harmful to human.

5. How do I eliminate rats?

Doing DIY rat pest control is good, but prevention is always the best option, but it is sometimes not enough. Once you’ve seen signs of infestation on your property, take actions immediately. You can set traps and baits on their common hideouts like behind the fridge and cupboards.

rat pest control

But the best solution against rats infestation is to consult an expert. At A1 PEST CONTROL CANBERRA, our technicians are skilled and trained to eliminate this problem and make sure they will not return to your property. Call us at 0407 065 413 now for a rat control solution.

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