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Mosquito prevention Tips

Mosquito Prevention Tips in Canberra

The Mosquito season is at its peak now, & it can be contained in Australia. So, A1 Pest Control Canberra gives the Mosquito prevention tips that you must learn. Below I have given you information from Pest Manager magazine that you will find interesting.

Zika Virus information:

“The Zika virus has been spreading rapidly through the Americas and illustrating how quickly the diseases can move with global travel, the first cases have now been confirmed in Australia. There have been 2 separate cases of people returning from an overseas (one a pregnant woman) have been tested positive for the Zika Virus. However, experts believe that Australia is well placed to have it contained.”

“While dozens of mosquito species in Australia are capable of spreading viruses such as Ross River, only one yellow fever mosquito in far north Queensland is capable of transmitting Zika.”

Knowing that piece of information is good to know and thankfully in Canberra we are protected from the Zika but not from the pesky mosquito and its always prevention is better than cure let’s look at what we can do to prevent mosquitos breeding.mosquito prevention tips

Mosquito prevention tips:

  • Pot plants: Don’t let water stand in pot plant saucer – after watering the plant empty the excess
  • Ponds and water features: Ensure that there are enough fish in the pond to eat the mosquito larvaeand keep vegetation away from the edge of the water
  • Drains and gutters: Keep drains free of leaves and allow the water to run freely
  • Rainwater tanks: Rainwater tanks need to have solid close fitting lids on any access point and mosquito proof meshes on all inlets and overflows needs mesh less than 1mm. This prevents access by adult mosquitoes and also prevents eggs to larvae being washed in from pooled water in the gutter.
  • Swimming pools: Ensure that salt and chlorine levels are kept up and remove any leaves from the pool
  • Site drainage: Don’t let puddles sit idle for any length of time as this is the ideal breeding area for mosquitoes.

With evenings still warm at night to be having BBQ’s you may want to consider JakMax the Terminator a safe environmental product that will kill off the mossies and allow you to eat outside without being bitten.

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mosquito prevention tips

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