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Get Rid of That Smell with Odor Remover Bags

At times there are baits put down in your roof as that is where you have heard the scratching going on and you think “great we got rid of them” but over the days there is a smell that seems to be getting stronger and you can’t find where it is coming from. After checking the fridge for something that maybe off in the darkest corners and throwing¬†a few containers out that were forgotten and now growing a new life form but now know that the smell is getting worse it could possibly be a dead rodent!!! There is nothing worse than decaying rats or mice the smell just won’t go away and if in summer you will have flys and maggots on the body as well – this is not definitely something for anyone with a weak stomach! ODOUR BAGS We can solve your problem as we will removed the bodies of the dead rodent and replace with an odour bag. These bags DO NOT MASK the odour like many products our bags absorb the odour. Call Bob 0407 065 413 we will fix this problem and any other pest problems for domestic and commercial properties – quickly, efficiently and safely.

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