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termite pest control in canberra

Pest Control in Canberra


  • Get rid of wood piles around your house – its like putting a meal out for a hungry cat – Termites LOVE wood!
  • Check leaks and damp areas kitchen & bathroom
  • Check trees either in your yard or if you back onto a reserve
  • Look for mud tunnels under/around the house
  • Look for sawdust on the floor or soft spots around door frame
    skirting boards

Possums pest control in canberraPOSSUMS

  • Trim back trees from around on the house
  • If you are in a new home check for broken tiles
  • Fruit trees rake up fallen fruit and get rid of it
  • If you hear possums and you trap one there is always a
    2nd one!
  • If you have had air conditioning installed check the outside
    unit to ensure its completely sealed

Pest Control in Canberra and Don’t Welcome Unwanted Guest

cockroach pest control in canberraCOCKROACHES

  • Cockroaches only come out at night if you are seeing them during
    day time you have trouble and will be harder to treat you need US
  • Clear all dishes away wash up or in the dishwasher
  • Throw food away if left out overnight as the cockroaches vomit
    and urinate on food – which will make you sick
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness wipes benches down sweep
  • Place plugs in sinks as they come in through drains along with
    other pests
  • Restaurants need to have pest inspections every 3 months and
    be given a certificate of recommendation.


  • Basically the same cleaning as with cockroaches if you take
    away their food and water source this will definitely keep the
    chance of mice down
  • Everything in sealed containers in the pantry
  • Garbage bins keep them well away from the back door


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