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Pest Control Lyons is at a premium now due to all the building projects taking place in the area. Not only are the residents dealing with the normal summer pests like spiders, cockroaches and rodents, etc. 

They are also dealing with the fact that the projects that are going on atm are stirring up the terra firma — the natural areas that the pests reside in.

You may be seeing more spiders, cockroaches and rodents as they scurry away from the earth moving machines into your property!

Now you know why you are seeing more pests and will do for some time while the projects that surrounds us are underway. It is now a question of what do we do?

The first thing is to not make your property inviting to the homeless pests, this means that they only come inside for 2 things food and water.

What you can do is to NOT leave food out overnight, do not leave dishes in the sink or the dishwasher, wipe down and sweep up any crumbs.

In other words, UP the housekeeping.

With school holidays, there is a tendency to have the kids walk through the house with a muesli bar, sandwich or biscuit. It would be easier to control pests if we do not feed them, so if eating can be held in only one place or outside, this would help.



Pest Control Lyons

Other Tips for Pest Control Lyons would be to:

  • empty bins regularly
  • do not keep them too close to the door (as easy entry for pests)

Not feeding the pests will help topped off with an annual treatment.

A1 Pest Control Canberra is a local privately-owned company that are aware of local pest issues.

When pest management is done on an annual basis, it along with upping the house keeping will decrease the pest control numbers. Call us at 0407 065 413 A1 Pest Control Canberra NOW!


Pest Control Lyons

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