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Where is Pest Control Near You in Canberra

When you have a pest problem you want to know where there is pest control near you in Canberra one of the best ways is to type in Google “pest control (suburb”) and your searches will give you a list of businesses near you in Canberra.

Ignoring the problem can see your pest situation multiplying and this in turn can seriously affect the health of you, your loved ones and pets.

Depending what type of pest you have can literally make you sick or even worse can destroy your property decreasing the market value. The question arises what can I do? So you do what you think is correct and rush to Bunnings for a quick over the counter fix.

Unfortunately, you will be disappointed as the type of treatments do not carry the ingredients to stop the breeding cycle of the pests. Solution is don’t wait till the situation worsens, get a professional help from the experts at once.

Are you looking for advanced services? A1 Pest Control Canberra is the team you are looking for. It has trained specialists who will provide solutions for each and every pest problem you can imagine.

Searching for home remedies to get rid of these pests is not enough. It can cost you much more in time and in money when the DIY treatment fails if it is not properly done. Call our expert team to treat the problem but also to educate you about why you had the problem in the first place. Ring us at  0407 065 413.

Frequently asked questions that will help you fully understand.

1. Is pest control safe for humans?

Well, thankfully the pesticides used at A1 Pest Control Canberra are low to non toxic, kind to the environment and safe to use around your family and pets. We can assure you that our highly trained use only use quality treatments to give you the best results.

2. How often pest control should be done?

Exactly how often do we need pest control at home or in the office? Others do their pest management on a yearly basis and this regular cycle of maintaining  a schedule keeps pest numbers down, BUT occasionally you may pest treatment of bees, wasps, and ants. Our team can be reached on 0407 065 413 we service all Canberra and surrounding areas.

image of pest ants

Pest Control for Ants

You should keep in mind that ants live in colonies. Spraying them with ant spray can kill only a few of them and will also scatter. Best thing to do is to get rid of the entire colony if the colony can be found. 

 To have a proper treatment, inspection is very important in doing pest control for ants. Our professional team will look for the ants’ nest by following their trail which could be found in the roof void, internal walls, kitchen, internal walls, garden, damaged woods in your yard, or even coming from the yard next to yours. 

We service all areas in Canberra of domestic and commercial treatment.

Pest Control for Cockroaches

Do you often see cockroaches in the daytime? Did you say YES? No doubt, your place has a cockroach infestation and be warned they have a quick breeding cycle..

Cockroaches must have food and water to survive so if you are in the food business you will need commercial pest control to have the technician address any pest issue you currently have and then to write up the chemicals used and the mix rate and any recommendations to be put in place before the next treatment is due. 

image of a cockroach
image of termite pests

Pest Control for Termites

Once you believe you see something that is not quiet right do not hesitate and call in the professionals but by all means do not disturb these pests as they will retreat underground and may reappear elsewhere and they will be harder to find until they resurface. 

A1 Pest Control Canberra preferred product is BASF Termidor as it comes with a $2M 8-year warranty that protects your property against termite attack. 


Pest Control for Fleas

Image of a flea pests

Fleas can be all over your home without you noticing it. Once your fur babies are infested by fleas, then it is pretty sure that you have it already in your home. 

Can pest control get rid of fleas?    

Yes! That is the main reason why most landlords are very much concerned about having an end of lease flea control before the tenant vacates their property to ensure that it is free from fleas before it is leased out again.

A1 Pest Control Services uses high quality and branded pesticides and advanced techniques to ensure the safety of your property as well as the safety of your family. 

Pest Control for Rats

Rodents are known to be disease carriers that seriously bring harm to your health. So, having rats at home is quite alarming. 

These rodents are real troublemakers. It can also damage your wirings and bring your home at risk from fire caused by electrical wiring shortage. With that, it can cause you much more. Take action now before it worsens your problem.

Do you ask yourself “Is there a pest control near me for rats?” To answer that, call A1 Pest in Canberra right away on 0407 065 413.

image of a rat pest

Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are hitchhikers that can cause you trouble once they enter your property either through older furniture or you may have unwittingly had them travel home with you when you came home from holidays. 

But keep in mind that even if only one female impregnated their breeding cycle is very quick and the bedbugs will travel from room to room to have their next blood meal from you to keep on breeding!

Woman had bed bug bites

With the help of our team, proper treatment can get rid of these bed bugs.

Don’t hesitate to call us on 0407 065 413. Our team will be grateful to assist you.

We use high quality branded and advanced pest control and environmental products to treat all the above listings of pests. We ensure that these are effective and long-lasting. Not only that, we don’t just treat pests but we also educate property owners. We do this to ensure that you can prevent pests from coming back.

 Don’t hesitate to contact our team so we can help you solve any of your issues. Our team is properly trained and uses good quality pest control products to eradicate different kinds of pests such as termites, ants, cockroaches, rats, fleas, bed bugs, and more. Call us on  0407 065 413.

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