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Need Pest Control Service?
Need Pest Control Service?

Pest Problems? Then, You Need Pest Control

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Why you need pest control is easy because pest control is necessary in both residential and commercial settings, especially when it comes to pest problems and food. Businesses in the food service industry often deal with scrap-eating pests, such as cockroaches and rodents. The easiest way to keep your food safe from pests is to contact A1 Pest Control Canberra.

What to do before a pest control treatment: Pest Problems

  1. Wash all the floors in your house, this includes vacuuming carpets and rugs and skirting boards
  2. Remove bag from the vacuum cleaner and dispose of accordingly into a garbage bin.
  3. Linen hampers should be sealed in clean bags after washing them or kept away from treatment areas.
  4. Removal of food items from bench tops, if there is any food outside (pet food) ensure it is covered. Cover water dishes and fish tanks before treatment begins, if fish are in a pond cover with a tarp

After pest control treatment – what you can do: Pest Problems

  1. Return to your house 2-4 hours after treatment.
  2. Throw out any food left outside
  3. Do not clean immediately wait 10 days before vacuuming close to skirting boards
  4. Repair any leaks and holes fill with filler of steel wool
  5. Your treatment will last longer if you leave spider webs up for 3 weeks as treatment will still be on the webs
  6. Keep checking for pests but note that you will see pests immediately after the treatment it is normal to see a few crawling around but they will be sick that is not a reason to recall the pest provider as not enough time has passed for the treatment to be effective. Give at least 2 months for the treatment to do it’s job.NOTE that if there is an infestation it can take at times another visit to get rid of the pests completely for example: ants, bed bugs and cockroaches are difficult infestations to get on top of.Call our pest control experts 0407 065 413 for professional safe and effective pest services or visit our site https://www.a1pestcontrolcanberra.com.au
pest problems

Need help identifying termites?

Call A1 Pest Control Canberra today for a consultation and to schedule an inspection of your property.

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