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St. Andrew’s Cross Spider


The St. Andrew’s Cross Spider, scientifically known as Argiope keyserlingi, is a striking and recognizable spider species due to the distinctive zigzag or “X”-shaped cross pattern it creates on its web. These spiders have a colorful appearance with a black body and yellow, orange, or white markings on their abdomen and legs. They are medium-sized spiders with females being larger than males.


St. Andrew’s Cross Spiders are commonly found in gardens, fields, and other outdoor areas where they can build their large orb-shaped webs. The prominent cross pattern in the web serves both as a stabilizing structure and a visual display to deter birds from flying through the web and damaging it.


St. Andrew’s Cross Spiders are not considered dangerous to humans. Their venom is relatively mild and primarily intended to immobilize their prey, which consists of flying insects caught in their webs. These spiders are more focused on catching and consuming insects rather than posing a threat to people.

First Aid Tips:

There is generally no need for specific first aid measures if bitten by a St. Andrew’s Cross Spider, as their bites are not known to cause significant harm or reactions in humans. However, if you experience any unusual symptoms or allergic reactions, it’s recommended to seek medical attention.

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While St. Andrew’s Cross Spiders are harmless, it’s always wise to consult experts if you have any questions or concerns about spiders or other pests in your vicinity.

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