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Pest Control Phillip Canberra

Hard to keep up with Pest Control Phillip – Canberra ACT as it is our busy time of the year, and it is when the pests like spiderrodentstermites and cockroaches are their most active.

I have lived in Canberra since 1980 and have never seen as much building and homes going up ever. It has changed the landscape of Phillip forever. I am now looking at the next to start building and that is the Hellenic Club and the beloved Phillip pool and skating rink soon to go.

But they say it is progress, with what is happening in and around Phillip, is that the machinery is upheaving the dirt and literally pushing the pests out of their home. So, if you have a home or commercial property you may be seeing more pests than you normally would as the pests look for shelter, food and water.


Pest Control Phillip


Good question! The first thing we need to do is only eat in one designated area. 

For instance, children wander with food from one room to another with a biscuit or sandwich in hand dropping the crumbs as they go, this will attract pests. 

Pests will stay around if there is a free food hand out, and this is one of the easiest meals for hungry cockroaches and rodents.

We could also UP the housekeeping. Yes, I know many of you will roll your eyes and say, “Jenny, we already keep a clean property!” I get it BUT know that just a little attention to:

  • Rinsing off dirty dishes before you place in the dishwasher.
  • Not leaving food on the bench.
  • Sweeping up crumbs, or wiping down bench tops.
  • Empty garbage regularly.
  • Wipe over jars and sauce bottles


These little things will help keep pests away from your property, and I always suggest that you fix leaking taps and keep the plug in the sink to stop pests entering through the drain.

FACT: Did you know a cockroach can hold its breath for 40 Minutes? These pests can even survive being under water for 3o minutes – incredible!

It’s an easy one but ring 0407 065 413 A1 Pest Control Canberra – we are a local family owned company who knows all the pest problems in Canberra and Phillip as we have been in this area for 35 years and are experts on the pests in the area.


Pest Control Phillip

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