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Possum Control: How to Trap Possums?

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How to Trap Possums with Possum Control?

Possums are often regarded as a nuisance in and around the garden, mainly when eating or trample plants.
They can also search through trash cans and steal food from their pets.
It can be challenging to get rid of an opossum or to have a possum control, but the backyard possum may be persuaded to relocate with a bit of persistence.

Almost every home owner who encounters possums in their compound finds them a great nuisance. Possums are known to rummage through garbage cans and steal the food you leave for your pets.

Even though it can be a bit tricky to get rid of possums, with a little perseverance you can be able to convince the backyard possum to move elsewhere.In order to effectively get rid of opossums, it is always important to first understand their habits.

They prefer the following:

  • wooded areas or open fields near streams,
  • opossums will easily create a home in abandoned burrows;
  • tree crevices;
  • brush piles; or
  • areas beneath steps,
  • decks, and
  • outbuildings.

Possum Control

Being nocturnal animals, possums will be very active at night and sleep throughout the day. This is why they can be difficult to spot when they are attacking your garden.

If you are keen you will be able to spot signs of their presence such as their droppings, tracks, over turned pet food dishes or garbage cans and damaged plants. Backyard possums are also considered to be omnivores since they feed on fruits, nuts, insects, eggs and small animals such as frogs and mice.

The most common control methods that are used for backyard possums include opossum repellents, trapping and fencing.There are very many products that are available on the market which target repelling these wild animals.

The problem with these products is that they only provide a short time solution. Apart from these methods, other possum control methods include using motion-activated sprinkler systems. These will startle the creatures and frighten them off.

Use of traps on opossum is also another commonly used method employed for possum control. Even though it is challenging to know how to trap a possum, getting to know what to do with one after you have captured it is the biggest challenge. This is because a captured possum needs to be relocated by an authorized wildlife expert in most areas.

It is illegal to kill these animals in most states and hence it should be the last resort. Trapping them in a box or cage-like trap can be easy and the trap should measure approximately 10 by 12 by 32 inches.

The best places to place the traps includes along trails and known travel routes. A bait should be included and a trap can be baited with fruit such as over ripe melons, grapes, or bananas.Use of fences such as putting up woven wire or electric fences is also a great possum control method.

The fence that is put up around garden areas needs to be approximately four feet high, with the top foot or so facing outward and away from the garden. This is to prevent the possums from climbing over. You can also add an electric fence that is about 3-4 inches over the top so as to keep the possums away.

In general, the best method to ensure your home is free of possums is making sure the area is less appealing to opossum. If there are any overgrown trees and shrubs in your compound, make sure you have them pruned.

Any fallen fruit from trees should be removed from the compound. In case you have any garbage cans in your compound, ensure they have tight-fitting lids. Any pet food that remains should not be left out at night. Finally ensure that you close or block off any entrances or openings that may be under or near the home such as porches, decks, buildings, etc.

Once you suspect your home has been invaded by possu

ms, it is recommended that you immediately contact a pest control company. Something that a lot of people don’t know is that possums travel with their mate. You therefore need to get the help of a pest control company whose price will include trappings for 2 possums. At A1 Pest control we are a registered pest control service and our possum control cost includes trappings for 2 possums. Contact us today and we will act immediately.

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