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Hilarious 1st Sign Why You Need Possum Removal Services

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Why You Need Possum Removal Services

Our customers ask regularly about possum removal near me and luckily our teams are all over Canberra, Queanbeyan & surrounding areas.

possum removal services

Australia is known for its various types of possum. The possum has a place with the mammalian request known as Didelphimorphia. The possum has a smooth and plush hide, which is utilized to make pads, covers, couch tosses, and garments in New Zealand where they are viewed as an irritation. It is said that possum hide is hotter than fleece. Possums in Australia anyway are ensured.

Australia is home to roughly twenty-three known types of possum, a considerable lot of which can be found in our neighborhood. There are two species that are known to attack private living arrangements around evening time and snarl on the housetops. These troublesome possums are known to move to rural housetops requiring professional possum removal to remove them.

In Australia and elsewhere, a group of possums is referred to as a passel. A male possum ‘Jack’, a female ‘Jill’ while a young one is called ‘joey’.

Possum Removal Services

As you can see our team travels all over Canberra, Queanbeyan & surrounding NSW areas and are ready to help you.


At first you may not be aware that you need possum removal services until your dog perhaps is acting a little strange barking at the wall looking up at the ceiling and you don’t know why.

Not thinking anything of it at the time and you shrug it off until like all bad human tenants the party noise in the ceiling is now all night and wakes you up at all hours from a deep sleep with eerie cat sounding noises, and after a while the stench of urine can be smelt throughout the house or worse you may see the urine running through the plaster down the walls.

When the possums move in it’s usually in pairs as they mate for life but as the mating season grows near the possums start to chase each other from one end of the roof to the other squealing, fighting and wrestling and you then begin to wonder is possum removal free or what are possum removal costs?

possum removal servicesHow much does it cost to get rid of a possum?

One of the first things we do is look for the entry point that the possums are gaining entry and it could be through a broken tile, capping or through a hole in the fascia boards. Our team can give you a separate quote to fix this or if it is a bigger job you may need a tiler.

The RSPCA use to hire out the cages but after having many not returned or go missing they do not do that anymore.


The charge for a weekly hire of the cage normally starts at $120 per week and there are companies that charge from $60 for each possum that they trap.

What happens first is that we not only look to see where possums gain entry but through the droppings we need to know that it is possums rather than bush rats.

The trap is set up near where the possum gains entry and where you the property owner can see the trap from ground level.

In the morning you will check the possum trap and if there is a possum in there you will need to call our office on 0407 065 413 where we will release the possum and then reset the trap to catch the 2nd possum.

Please do not try to re-set the trap as we use gloves as the possum can smell humans and will not go for the bait.

If you need possum removal services see the map above or simply call us on 0407 065 413.

What scares possums away?

If you don’t feel the need to get possum removal services yet, you can actually try some clever tactics to keep these possums away. 

Just bear in mind that you can’t kill these animals. Although they might appear as pests for most, and people are often angered by the invasion of any pest, remember that it is unlawful in Australia to kill a possum. 

If you don’t want to end up behind bars, carefully follow some of these tips to get rid of them.

    1. Tie helium balloons around your yard. Let the balloons sway with the wind to startle the possums.
    2. Remove all food sources. Do not attract possums with fruits, vegetables and pet food lying about. Store them properly, and ensure that your garbage cans are covered well.
    3. Spread something with an unyielding scent. Many ingredients such as Ammonia, mothballs and garlic create a smell that makes possums flee away from your residence. 
      • Mix an adequate amount of ammonia in coffee. Store the mixture inside a bottle with a lid. Place a rag inside the ammonia and bring one end up through cutting a hole in the lid. 
      • Crush garlic and place it in the area frequented by possums. The smell of crushed garlic is stronger than whole garlic, so the scent spreads in the whole area.

Can you touch a wild possum?

While it’s tempting to touch a possum and just get rid of it on your own way, it is not advisable. 

Possums are strong animals. If you touch them with your bare hands, there’s a high chance they might bite you. A possum’s bite may get you infected with a number of serious diseases such as rabies. 

If it can’t be helped, touch a possum with a pair of gloves instead of just your bare hands. Better yet, don’t touch a possum at all and leave it to trained individuals who know how to deal with them right.

Rather than putting you or your family at risk, remove a possum away from your home with the help of our team. 

Give us a call at 0407 065 413.

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