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The Importance of Pre-Construction Information in Canberra

Looking for pre-construction information in Canberra when building a new property or renovating your home? A1 Pest Control Canberra is one call away! This is an ideal time to install termite barrier protection against termites.

HomeGuard OR Kordon are great options when we come to protect a structure that needs more than just a chemical treatment. The products are impregnated with Bifenthrin that will repel and kill termites for 50 years. This is the ideal thing to do when you are laying new concrete slab up against your home, or when you want to protect steel piers.

When you select A1 Pest Control Canberra, you have the reassurance that all our technicians are fully licensed and insured. But you also have the assurance that they are accredited installers through the manufacturer of the following:

1. Kordon  

pre-construction information

2. Termidor

pre-construction information

3. HomeGuard

pre-construction information

This means we have been selected by the manufacturer to install their product to the highest possible standard. With Termidor, you also have the option to register for their 2 million dollar warranty, completely free of charge.

A reality in our industry is that there are no absolutes. Termites are unrelenting in their efforts to find a way into homes, and there is no single treatment that will permanently rid your home from the treat of termite attacks. You need to stay vigilant and have the assurance that when things go wrong, you have a company that will be there to help.

All our treatments come with a Company Warranty. That is, we promise to re-inspect and treat free of charge in the unlikely chance the termites were to reappear. This is renewable on annual warranty inspections.

With all our treatments, we apply treatment labels for future reference confirming that your home has been treated to the Australian Standards by a fully-licensed company.

Pre-construction Information

Here is a short video and learn about why pre-construction information is important and how long does termidor termite treatment last, you need to check out:

Thank you for watching our treatment video. We understand as a homeowner, making a decision of which company is going to treat your home is a big decision. It comes down to trust. You have got to trust that they are going to do the job right, you are going to have to trust that they are going to be there in the future, good or bad.
A1 Pest Control Canberra’s reputation has been built on trust. We invite you to become one of our valued customers call us TODAY 0407 065 413

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