Prevent Termite Damage with Termite Control and Treatment Canberra 1

Prevent Termite Damage with Termite Control and Treatment Canberra

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I had one of the bigger pest companies out and they did not find termites. I went through the floor boards so I then I knew I had termites! Called A1 Pest Control Canberra out and Bob spent the time letting me know what was next plan of action. Thanks Bob!


Recently had a termite inspection and they said that we didn't have termites well guess what? I fell through the floorboards we did have termites! A1 Pest Control Canberra came out mapped out a plan and put in a barrier with 8m dollar guarantee - now we have peace of mind. Thanks

Aaron C.

Very prompt and thorough. I had a bad termite infestation which another company had not picked during an inspection 6 months earlier. They fit me in at very short notice and were helpful confirming with the builder what required repair.


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The only way to prevent termite with control and treatment Canberra is to follow our simple steps:

  • STEP 1: Termite inspection is a must and it needs to be scheduled in on an annual basis.

The technician’s inspection will start from the time that he enter your street, where he will look at trees on the nature strip and those trees in close proximity to your boundary. What the technician is looking for are dampness, leaks or mud tracks or bubbling in the paintwork, warp walls etc.

With all of his findings, he will write up a detailed report on what he has found and also recommendations, that he would note around your property, that could possibly attract termites.

  • STEP 2: Treat termites on the spot with Termidor termicide.

One of the worst things that a property owner can do is to disturb the termites OR try to spray or douse them with petrol or DIY treatments.

Once disturbed, termites will retract and be harder to find. And take note, just because the termites are gone, it does not mean that they would not return to the same spot or go to another area of the property.

  • STEP 3: Protecting the property is a must.

Our licensed technician will give you the reasons on why he recommends one treatment over the over.

Our preferred treatment is using Termidor chemical barrier as we believe it is the best product in the market. It is the ONLY treatment that will give 8 year $2M warranty that the termites will not return.

NOTE: In 12 years that A1 Pest Control Canberra has been in business, we have not had one warranty claim. To me, this tells you that the product is good.

If you want to prevent termite damage with termite control and treatment Canberra, just follow the 3 steps above.

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