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Every Professional Pest Manager Should Be on Facebook

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If you are a professional pest manager and you are not on Facebook you are not where your customers are so this is what you should be doing to get in front of your audience.

The days of placing a few ads in print in the local classifieds is now dying a slow death with many people turning to social media and different forms of electronic print as a way of communicating and keeping up with family and friends, for anyone in the pest control industry – guess what? That is where your future clients are.

For those that have been around for a long while in business they may still be spending a ton of money on Google Adwords. That was at one stage cheap and economical to run ads and to be honest it was a gold mine where adsense ads placed on website would be a way to generate an extra from of income.


Knowing now that your clients are on social media you must too get onboard and not miss the wave that is currently happening.

A business page in FB with your branding in the header along with your logo or tag line is a must.

Use your page to update customers of new things in the industry and hints and tips that you have that will help your current customers and educate your new would be customers.


Make the posts helpful give background information about individual pests. Tell of the breeding cycle and what a professional manager does for an infestation for instance.

Also after care for instance if it is possums you may want to note to rake up fruit and cut back branches along with mending broken tiles and other areas that possums could gain entry.


What you may not know is that FB ads can be very targeted if you only want to target a certain area you can do this and either do a boost ad which you can do after writing a post or you can do ad campaign that will do 3 versions of your ad and then you can see which ads is more effective.

Only start small though at $5 per day you can advertise.


Run a campaign to get people like your page as we are growing our list and we will be able to target those that like our page later on.


Use only good quality pictures with a strong call to action to either get those people to go to your website and from there we can get them to contact you.


Re-targeting what this means is that you have a pixel or a piece of code that is dropped on your website and when the person comes to the page they will go back to their FB page and all of a sudden your ad will start following them around for weeks. This is totally amazing and good use of your marketing dollar.


I don’t blame you in the least its like being hit with a fire hose with all of this extra info!

If this is all too much too hard or takes up too much time then you need to contact us at http://needava.com or email info@needava.com or the old fashion way call Jenny on 0488 404 885 TODAY I will be able to do this all for you and more.

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