Qualified Pest Control Advice is Gold

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The internet today can also be a curse…what do I mean? Ask any person that has self diagnosed their own condition on the internet and was sure that they would be moments from death, disregarding the fact that the diagnosis was general information not the gospel truth.

That is why you go to a doctor that has up to 9 years of study and he will personalize your consultation and give you treatment for your particular case.

Why do I say this? Its because we found live termites that were in the tree and the fences and wanted to treat these areas also place a barrier around the home to protect the home owner.

We were informed that that the neighbour had researched it and said that it was not necessary to put the barrier down.
The home owner said that besides the insurance would cover this
which again is wrong information.

The well meaning neighbour advice is incorrect and the termites once chased out will be home less and the nearest place for them to go would be the home. They are looking for ideal environment which has a water supply in areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

What insurance covers is getting damp areas repaired it does NOT cover termite damage. Please check your policies you are gambling with your biggest investment – your home.

Not to add scare tactics in 6-8 months time we have seen repair bills to a home costing upwards of $80,000 as they attack beams, doorway and windows.

Only listen to people that are a Pest Control expert or someone from the CSIRO that has a Entomology degree to give advice, do not rely on people that think they have a solution by looking on the internet as this bad advice will cost you money.

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