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Pest Control Canberra

Residential Pest Control Services

Our residential pest control process is simple. Friendly, trained and licensed service technicians perform a thorough inspection of your home and yard to uncover potential issues. We know where spiders, insects, rodents and other pests like to live and lurk, so we’ll pinpoint these places. Then we’ll provide you with a fully customized program to treat and eliminate entry points and nests.

A1 Pest Control Canberra is a dynamic service company back up with experienced and licensed professionals to cater all your pest control needs. In particular, we would like to offer our pest control services described below…

Spider Problems in CanberraSPIDERS

Australia is home to many species of spider, some carrying lethal bites. The most common household species being White-tailed spiders, huntsmen, redbacks and daddy long-legs spiders. The bites of some of these spiders can cause pain, swelling and itchiness, nausea, vomiting, headache, ulcers, necrosis and sadly, even death.

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Spider Problems in Canberra


Canberra has 20 or 30 types of cockroaches. They can spread disease by transporting bacteria from polluted environments, contaminating your food. These unsightly scavengers can cause allergic reactions in humans such as asthma, and can leave an offensive odour. Each female can produce up to 400 offspring.

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Spider Problems in Canberra


There are several species of termites in Australia, the most common is Coptotermes frenchi. The nest of these destructive pests are often detected in eucalyptus tree trunks, and without protection can make their way to the structural timbers of your home, poles and fences undetected, potentially costing you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair. Most insurance companies will not cover termite damage. 

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Spider Problems in Canberra


In Australia, these parasites feed on the fresh blood of humans, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, ferrets, mice and rats. Their larvae feed on the faeces of mature fleas. The bite of a flea will cause itch, swelling and skin irritation. Fleas transmit diseases to their hosts, and helped cause the bubonic plague.

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Spider Problems in Canberra


Bee and wasp activity peaks in Spring and Summer. They sting to defend themselves or their colony. Their sting causes pain, and sometimes life-threatening reactions such as anaphylactic shock, (difficulty breathing, fainting, swelling and blockage in the throat) within minutes of being stung.

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Residential Pest Control


Silverfish are destructive insects which attack various materials within the home. These include book bindings, carpet, clothing, photos, paper, glue, linen, silk, cotton and leatherware.

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Residential Pest Control

Carpet Beetle

In the home, Carpet beetles predominantly damage furnishings, fabrics and clothing that contain silk, hair and wool. The after effect of having your woolen carpets attacked by these pests is evident upon vacuuming. Uneven bald patches will appear if they’ve been present. Unfortunately, the damage they cause is not covered by insurance companies.

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Residential Pest Control

Bed Bugs

The common bed bug is a blood-sucking insect, which prefers human blood. In the home, they can be found near beds and lounges and crevices near the host. Their bite causes itchiness, skin irritation and allergic reactions in some people. They are often the result of having recently travelled, brought into your house within your luggage.

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Residential Pest Control


Have the potential to spread disease through their droppings and urine. They are destructive and contaminate food.

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Residential Pest Control


Like to take shelter in the roof cavity of suburban homes. They are nocturnal and noisy, and are known to chew cables and wiring within the roof, exposing you to danger and potential repair costs.

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Residential Pest Control


Create nests in cavities and live in colonies containing up to 15 000. In large numbers, ants can be annoying, whether they are inside your home, or outside.

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Termites, wood rot and borers have the potential to weaken roof frames, walls, floors, decks, stairs. We’ll provide you a comprehensive report detailing findings on all timber pest activity, (past and present), any damage caused by them. We identify the risks such as high moisture levels and advise on preventative precautions you can take to prevent an infestation.


If you happen to need more than one of our services which can be performed on the same day, ask us about a special price we can offer you!

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