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Get a FREE On-The-Spot Pest Advice With Your Pest Problems
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Do You Have Rat Problems in Australia?

Getting Rid of RatsHave you got a rat problem? Rats are more than just annoying. They are downright dangerous disease spreading rodents that can also cause a great deal of damage to property.

They may even be responsible for starting some house fires particularly in older homes by gnawing through electrical cables.

If you have a colony of rats in close proximity it may be difficult to get rid of them. Rats are nocturnal, so there’s almost no chance you’ll spot them during the day time.

But there is no doubt you will here them in the still of night scurrying around.  Rats are also shy and wary creatures with excellent survival instincts. They’re said to be neophobic which means that they don’t like new things making it difficult to quickly tempt them into a trap, or get them to immediately take to rat bait which is frustrating for the home owner that wishes to trap them.

If those factors didn’t make it difficult enough, rats eventually develop immunity to products that are used to bait and lure them. Products that were successful in the 1940s are no longer of much use. New products developed in the 1970s have proved relatively successful to date however it appears that rats are beginning to develop a resistance to those too.

How do you get rid of rats?

The question remains how do you get rid of rats? Eradicating rats requires a multi-pronged approach. You’re likely to need the help of a qualified pest controller to locate the rats’ nest, establish how the rats are entering the area, and to lay baits safely and in the right places.

A few things that you could do is that rats look for a home that offers them good shelter, a discreet entrance and exit, and a source of food that’s not too far from home. Removing potential sources of food like dry pet food or other stored food items that aren’t properly sealed, and blocking potential entrances fix broken roof tiles, gaps under doors and the like can make your place a lot less inviting.

The question is so how do you get rid of rats? This is easy just call A1 Pest Control Canberra on
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