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How To Cope With Dead Rodent Smell – Canberra

Let’s face it! Pest control technicians must have strong stomachs sometimes as they are confronted with horrible odours from dead rats and mice. Keep reading to learn how to cope with dead Rodent smell and get rid of your rat problem.

By the time that we get the call, the rodent has been dead from either natural causes, caught in a trap or from ingesting rodent bait.

If the technician is lucky, they can find the carcass straight away and then remove from the area because if left there, the rodent body will continue to decompose and body liquids will linger soaking into the plaster giving off a foul smell.

Unfortunately, this does not happen all the time they can die under the insulation, fall between hard to get to crawl spaces. inner walls or roof void.

Demolition is a costly option that most people do not want to go to that expense and even then, they may to be able to locate the carcass.

How To Cope With Dead Rodent Smell

Typical Step The Technician Should Do With A Dead Rodent Smell

  • Try and locate the dead rodent and remove the carcass.
  • The technician should try and remove any noticeable body fluids and disinfect the area that the fluids have soaked in to.
  • If the carcass is found on the insulation, the offending insulation should be removed.

Searching for the Carcass and NOT Finding It.

After the technician has an idea that the carcass is in the roof void and has spent time to check insulation or in a crawl space, the rodent may have gone for his last place before dying. 

We are now left with the following solutions when demolition is NOT an option.


How To Cope With Dead Rodent Smell


If you are the owner, you may want to shrug your shoulders and do nothing and wait for the body to decompose. 

In the meantime spray fragrance around hoping that this will mask the now disgusting smell that never seems to go away (not a favoured option, I can tell you now!).

There are some fragrances that are offensive to customers. In any case, you end up with a mix of fragrance and dead rodent smell. 

Many of our customers are allergic to certain fragrances and this can also end up being an expensive exercise.

What Does A1 Pest Control Canberra Do?

When we get the call from the customer, they are really at their wits end and have tried all the simple things like opening the windows, not sleeping in the room with the smell. 

OR as outlined above they have sprayed various fragrances with no change to the smell at all and they want the smell GONE yesterday!

After the attempts above have been done, we will install our imported organic odour bags which unlike other brands does not mask the smell. 

It ABSORBS the smell over a number of days.

This option is not INSTANT as someone like but over 3-4 days the smell will dissipate and become less and less until the smell is completely gone.

With being organic, the bags and contents will break down over time and the bag does not need to be removed.

To A1 Pest Control Canberra this is the only thing that works time and time again. Call us at 0407 065 413 A1 Pest Control Canberra NOW!

How To Cope With Dead Rodent Smell

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