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Local Business Awards Finalist 2023
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Just thought I would write a quick update so those that are experiencing rat or mice problems know that they are not the ONLY ones with a rodent problem. I will also give you the best rat mice pest control tips and few FAQs that we come across daily.

In all the years that A1 Pest Control Canberra has been operating the last 2 years, crazy wet warm weather is giving the ideal breeding conditions which increased the number of pests that we are getting calls for. But TODAY, I want to talk about rat mice pest control Canberra and surrounding areas.

Rat Mice Pest Control Tips in Canberra


Initially, you might just see a few rodent droppings on the floor or you may see a hole in food containers in the pantry. That shows clearly that you are not the only one that has a liking for the contents in the containers!

The most common sign is scratching in the roof void. At first, you will hear the scratching and just dismiss it and fall back to sleep. But as time goes on, the noises will heighten as the numbers of the rodents increase. And now, you are fully awake at 3 am in the morning hearing the rodents scratching, playing, or falling off beams with a thud!


We know this doesn’t work for a few reasons. Let me tell you about a customer who thought she would save a few dollars and started to trap the mice at first. She put down 3 traps and was excited at first but the excitement wore off after several days of catching mice every day and then eeek disposing of them.

The next step, she returned to her favourite hardware store and really could not decide which container to buy to bait her now bigger problem. So, she purchased the whole 3 containers of bait to get on top of the problem and she spread the 3 contents in her roof void. And guess what?

The mice were not the slightest bit interested in the banquet that was laid out for them and continued to cause havoc at night. Keeping the customer awake before she finally called out our company (more on this a little later).

      • DIY – you may have a go at this to save a few dollars but the baits or pellets you put down are nothing new in them and many on the market are harmful to pets and wildlife.

      • People are often tempted to “overdo” the application of DIY thinking more is better but is this safe for you and your family?

      • The time, money, and energy taken to apply a DIY treatment only to then still have a problem. When it is far easier to get a licensed pest control service to safely apply the appropriate treatment which is a safe and effective method to treat your rodent problem.


    rat mice pest control tips

    I will let you know that when our bait is placed, it’s in the traffic area whether it is in the roof void or in locked boxes inside or outside the property. The rodents are suspicious of something new in “their” area and will not eat it for 24-48 hours. Then they can’t resist the bait – it’s like Tim Tams to them and they eat it up and then seek water and die.

    While most will exit the same way that they got in, there will be a small percentage of rodents that get confused and could die in the ceiling OR drop inside the inner wall.

    The smell can be disgusting and not for the faint-hearted. When this happens, it’s best to call our team out to remove the dead body and put it in an odour bag which will dissipate the smell over a few days.


        • Will this harm my pet if they eat a dead rodent?
          A: No, as there is only a small percentage of the treatment stored in the rodent and not enough to harm your pet or wildlife.

        • Is only one treatment enough to get rid of them?
          A: It really depends, there are some customers that we don’t see again for 6-12 months while others who have a bigger rodent problem will call us back after 8 weeks as the scratching has started up again.

          All this means is there are more rodents than bait and in this case, a “top up of bait” is required to completely knock the problem on the head.

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