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Local Business Awards Finalist 2023
Get a FREE On-The-Spot Pest Advice With Your Pest Problems
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Rodent proofing your home, office, apartment or farm is a process that consists of identifying and eliminating the conditions and the environment that makes it possible for rodents such as rats and mice to survive. Rodents can get into homes in all sorts of ways. For instance, they gnaw at walls and climb or swim up through your drainage system to get where they want to go. 

Rodent proofing involves making your home less attractive to mice and rats so that they are less likely to enter. Once rodents are in your home, they can transmit diseases to your family and pets and cause costly damage to your home. 

Rodent proofing can prevent you from having an infestation, so that you don’t have to deal with the potential health risks and damages and don’t have to go through an extermination process. If you have experienced a rodent infestation, rodent proofing can prevent another invasion of mice and rats from happening again after the extermination process is complete.

With rodents on the increase especially in these cooler months, it is worth considering having a visit from our A1 Pest Control team.

A1 Pest Control Canberra’s Rodent Proof Services

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Our team of experts knows which products work best at keeping rodents out, and our technicians use a wide range of professional materials that are specially designed for this purpose such as door guards, pipe guards, vent protectors, dock leveler guards.

Here’s how we can help you.

  1. We can bait the roof void.
  2. Look for signs of other pest issues while on the job.
  3. Give you education on the spot to save you money.

Damage to your home caused by rodents can also result from the mess they leave behind. Urine, feces, and decaying bodies of rodents can leave nasty stains and odors that require professional attic cleaning to remedy and eliminate the aftermath. A great benefit of rodent-proofing your home is avoiding the various types of damage caused by rodents altogether.

rodent proof

Keeping your home free from rodents requires not just working with an exterminator to get rid of any rodents that are already in your house, but also rodent proofing to prevent a future infestation. Even if you have never had a problem with mice and rats in the past, consider talking to a pest control expert to prevent any infestations from occurring.

Now that you know how rodent proofing can help you in the battle against mice and rats, it’s time for your own home inspection. A1 Pest Control Canberra team will make sure that rodent extermination is done correctly in a manner that will prevent rodents from inhabiting your attic and other areas of your home once and for all. CALL US NOW on 0407 065 413.

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