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Need Pest Control Service?

Signs That You Have A Rodent Problem At Home

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Rodent problem (rats and mice) are affecting many homes in Canberra and other places in Australia.

These are one of those problematic pests for two reasons:

  • Disease carriers – They spread bacteria and germs through many urine and feces.
  • Destroyers – They damage the material in your home. Rodents can destroy anything they encounter, from your home’s insulation to chewing through electrical wires, floor and wall joints.

Rodents are becoming a common issue in Canberra for every homeowner and can wreak havoc on homes and businesses, causing severe loss of money and damaging health. They weaken your building structure and keep the walls due to their sinking. They are omnivores, meaning to say they eat all kinds of food, products and damage your cars as well.   

Main Rodent Problem in Canberra, Australia

Rodents include mice and rats, are a significant pest throughout Canberra. These are the three rodent types you might encounter in your area:

  1. House Mouse (Mus musculus)
  2. Roof Rat is also known as Black Rat (Rattus rattus)
  3. Norway Rat, also known as Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus)
Rodent Problem

They work very fast and can be a massive problem in households and businesses. It almost doesn’t matter where you live or work, whether in the city, in the suburbs or out in the countryside: You may occasionally find yourself with rodent problems. 

There are particular reasons for this, some of which you can do something about avoiding a rat placement in the first place.

However, if you see signs that you have rats and mice, there is no need to beat yourself up with them. Act early at the first signs to reduce the likelihood that rats will spread and present a health risk and make it harder to deal with the problem. To help you, we outline what signs to look for and safely eliminate rats. 

What are the signs of rodent infestation? 

Rodents leave enough evidence of their activities, especially after a busy night (rodents are nocturnal, meaning they can see in the dark). 

Watch out for the following:

  • Dirt – usually banana-shaped; dark brown/black colour; range in size from a few millimetres to 20 millimetres (giant rat).
  • Bad smell of urine – rodent urine has a strong odour.
  • Champ marks on food and household utensils.
  • Tracks and runways – a group of rodents that use a “common path” will be left with footprints, greasy spots, urine stains, and dirt.
  • A rodent rat – you may stumble upon a rodent’s nest in the kitchen, wall, or roof truss (usually characterised by shredded paper, dried plant matter, dirt, and smell/urine stains).
  • Running, chewing, scratching, and squeaking noises on your roof, walls, or under your home.
  • Footprints and tail marks can also recognise rodents they leave in dusty zones of buildings with the possibility of no other activity.

While it is possible to emit a flashlight on these marks to recognise them, you can also cover a layer of refined flour or talc powder next to the floor nearby to check for signs of fresh tracks. Other areas to check for signs of infestation include crawlspaces, cavity walls, suspended ceilings, lofts, attic space, decks, houses, garages, drains, and compost bins. 

What Attracts Rodent Problem at Home?

A rodent is a mammal, meaning it needs to maintain a warm body temperature to survive. 

Rodent Problem

Other factors can attract rodent to your house, too. These include:

  • A messy home – if you leave food out or don’t clean up spills immediately.
  • Areas that provide shelters, 
  • Pet meals 
  • Can easily access food & water – the Rodents are opportunistic when it comes to food, meaning they climb into trash cans and compost dumps for food.
  • Ways to enter your home.

How Can You Solve Rodent Problem Quickly?

The rodent problem can be solved by yourself if the damage is not that enormous.  

  • Remove current rodent occupants.
  • Seal up your home
  • Eliminate outdoor access
  • Clean up that yard
  • Remove outdoor food sources.
  • Build a wall
  • Practice cleanliness in and around your home
  • Have a new friend from your local shelter
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There are common poisons on the market that may spread out around where you suspect rats are travelling to try to eradicate an infestation. There are also significant problems associated with the use of these toxic materials. 

But if you don’t know how to eliminate them or if the problem cannot be handled by yourself, contact our professional team, A1 Pest Control Canberra, on 0488 404 885, for you and your rodent problem in your area. We have a combination of experience and expertise that will surpass your expectations when dealing with a rodent problem.

Rodent Problem

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