Russian Roulette With Termites

With termites it is really unpredictable where they will show up next for instance your home may back onto a reserve and you have a few trees that are near the fence line that is on government land the termites maybe in the tree and you don’t even notice them there.

They may get bored and then move camp to your fence or garden borders without you even knowing and gradually make their way to your home all undetected.

When selling your home you will need to have a pest and termite inspection done and you call in A1 Pest Control Canberra who detect the termites and start the chase out first before placing the barriers in and here is where it gets interesting.

The termites are homeless they could go to your neighbours place next door or they can go 5 doors down there is no telling where they will turn up this is where the roulette comes into it.



There are 2 sorts of prospective buyers one is the one that will run to the hills with the mention of termites as they know that they hate the thought of sharing their homes with them OR there is the prospective buyer that will want to beat you down with the price your asking for your property.


Thermal image inspection shows up movement, body heat of termites and damp areas of your home that termites source out to live.

With a thermal image inspection there is no limitations unlike visual inspections where you can not get access to certain areas, or the weather does not permit you going onto a roof.

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This thermal image shows the cool/damp areas in a wall ideal conditions for the termites that are detected.

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